Canadians held us hostage

It's true. We were held hostage by a couple of Canadians.

They meant to come down for a relaxing vacation, but all they ended up with was two over-excited Americans and their screaming chub and pastrami burgers. Eventually they left, and we were left sad and broken. I have yet to gather any of my senses back; just today I fiercely licked off the frozen custard that spilled on my shirt. 

Too much info?

Now, a little background

Waaaaay back when, I mentioned Taylor's and my little frozen vacation in Canada at the end of December. (Part one of that unfinished story is linked)

We saw beauties likes this:

And this:

And this:

(half of that lake is under ice)

It was a grand adventure... Even the part where we got in an accident coming home. We can not escape the dangers of Montana, no matter how far we are from it.

Anyway, my Canadians' mom sent me a message on Facebook, explaining she was coming down for a visit from Canada, and was there anything I'd like her to bring down? I was going to ask for some custard powder, but then I figured go big or go home so I asked for some Ryan and Cassi instead. She said they couldn't come down. So we went home. It was sad.


Bright and early Saturday morning (actually around 11:00 AM because I accidentally slept in for four extra hours #pregnant) we finally got to see these fabulous faces.

Ryan was Taylor's best friend / roommate / honorary best man in college. He was "honorary" because his car rolled over in a snowy ditch on the way to our wedding. IN MONTANA.

Cassi is Ryan's wife and photographer extraordinaire and Rubix cube solver. Ryan wanted to give her the grand tour of our (Taylor/Ryan/Myself) college stomping grounds. Funny how your own city doesn't feel all that exciting until you're showing it off to foreigners. Suddenly every tree and potato bug feels worth documenting.

We started our SLC tour over at Memorial Grove.

It's super nice to have photography friends (especially ones who are much better than I am) because they just "get" why I need to walk slowly and photograph everything on site, even though I've seen it a million times before.

Look at those Canadians.

After lunch, we drove over to a nearby city to visit one of the other Taylor-and-Ryan roommate friends for games and brownies. These three men were all roommates back in the singlehood days.

We dropped off Ryan and Cassi in our driveway and sent them on a walk while Taylor and I rushed to clean up our disaster of an apartment. They walked in on us with garbage bags and toilet paper in hand, but at least there was a place to sit on the couches. For dinner we fed them canned soup and cornbread, which is exactly the kind of hospitality you can expect from recently turned college graduates.

Now, a little side story:
The next morning I was SO excited for church. Mostly because I was curious what these country-raised Canadians would think of our 4 nursery ward, but also because I really love Jesus. But then I got sick. While Taylor dropped our friends off at church, I was laying down at home, mad at my weak body. (Although grateful for Taylor who came back home and cuddled with me.)

I slightly improved throughout the day, but mainly felt lots of pain and trembly. I wasn't able to walk far without needing to sit down every fifteen feet or so. Earlier, we all had planned to tour Temple Square with Ryan and Cassi, and I was determined to go. It was a beautiful place to be on a Sunday.

As we walked, we all got a little separated looking around. On my own, I got a bit teary eyed, both from pain and frustration. I could not figure out why I couldn't just take this and be fine.

Almost instantly, I was reminded of THIS post from Meg Johnson called "A Letter to My Body", where she writes a letter to her paralyzed body, and then shares her body's response. I immediately had a change of heart, and remembered to be grateful for my body and what it could do right now. With all the problems that ail it in pregnancy, I knew it was doing its best to cope with sickness and my physical demands. I made a mental apology to my body, and felt much better without my frustration trailing me.

Letting go of all that helped me focus on enjoying the moment with our friendly neighborhood Canadians, although I still had to sit down every few minutes.

Cassi took this amazing picture for Taylor and me. I'm excited to hang this on our wall.
(Photo captions are linked to her site)
Cassandra Laing Photography
It was an excellent weekend.

Love you guys!

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