the pampered life of dryers

It's when the little things go wrong is when I realize that we sure do live in a pampered area.

Recently, we've had some mechanical problems, ranging from our car to our drying machine. Our regular approach to "fixing" these things is ignoring the problem, hoping that it'll go away. After all, that tends to work out just fine with humans right? (I mean that like colds and tummy aches, although I guess that works with difficult people too ;)

Finally, after a few years of paying some pretty hefty bills on fixing up broken machines, it's finally occurred to us that it doesn't work to ignore machine squeals and nasty smells. The human body is always working on getting better when its sick. Machines only depreciate. 

This is probably obvious to many, but this little revelation has been mind-blowing. Also disappointing because we have much better ideas how our money could be spent. :)

So, back to that pampered life. Laundry dryers are totally a pampered thing. 

Our outdoor railing is a hang line for laundry for today, while we save up to get that dryer checked on. Which might end up being forever from now, because we are as thrifty as all get out. If this means saving on power, we'll hang laundry until it snows. :)

Hanging laundry isn't a new thing. That was the norm when I lived with my grandparents through college. That's how Taylor lived on his mission for two years. That's how we both lived when we lived in Russia last summer. (As far as I could tell, Russian homes aren't equipped with dryers. Just washing machines that are kept in the kitchen.)

I was determined once we got home from Russia to keep hanging our laundry. I loved that it forced me to slow down in life and focus on a simple task. 

But then life took over and we resorted back to the "easy" way of chucking those clothes into the dryer. (As if hanging laundry isn't "easy" enough :) 

The clothes might come out a little sun bleached, and they'll definitely be stiffer than using a dryer sheet, but it feels so good to slow down to focus on our castle home.

Just some thoughts for today


  1. Also, as I've recently discovered, the sun is MAGIC for removing poop/spit-up stains from baby clothes! I cannot believe I mothered for a decade before learning this. Total fail.

    And now that you mention it, our washer has been making a weird squealing sound during the spin cycle at the end which I have been very pointedly ignoring for weeks now. I should get on that...

    1. Yes! I saw that on your post just recently and I'm so glad you shared it. Because Arrow did not leave her baby clothes in the original color they came in for this next baby.

  2. I laughed out loud at the picture! I would have never thought to use hangers! #uragenius


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