May little moments (with just a dash of April)

These are the fine moments of May that weren't quite big enough for their own blog posts, but still on the books of things to remember. There's also a sprinkling of April's little moments, since I sort of died and fell off the place of the Earth after graduating. Also, my computer was temporarily hacked. It's a good thing I don't know anything about computers, or else the hackers wouldn't have had the opportunity to even try! (Read: On occasion, I'm not very clever and call suspicious numbers.)

Now, onto the happy little moments of May and April.

There was a two week break in between Taylor's and my graduation. Although most of the time was spent job hunting, we took a family day off to the zoo.

The last time Arrow had ever been to a zoo was last summer in Russia. She thought the wolves were neat and all, but she was mostly enthralled with empty enclosures. 

Even if they were terrifyingly much larger than her stuffed animals she keeps in her crib.

As you can see by that little grimace, she loves my kisses.

My mama took me out on a little pedicure date for the first time. Now, to be completely real with all you peeps, I was sort of apprehensive about it. I've never been into the spa kind of activities, and I had a hard time rationalizing a $25 check just have to my toe nails painted.

But my oh my, I was put in my place. Although it was uncomfortable at first, I soon relaxed into the massage chair and let the nail tech do his work. I left feeling grateful for the service that was given to me (and that the man was willing to work on my not-so-pretty feet). He did an awesome job.

A couple Canadians held us hostage for a surprise weekend, and it was basically the most amazing thing ever, even if we fed them cornbread & canned soup for dinner.

This is a post all on its own, but Taylor's side of the family hosted a "Family Emergency Prep Day", and, get this, it was actually really fun. A little tongue in cheek there, but I usually don't associate "72 hour kits" and "exciting" together. Not surprisingly though, my creative in-laws figure a way to make it happen.

Here's a sneak peek picture from the upcoming post.

I got to be an extra in a Haitian dance music video. Here's all I have to represent from that.

For once, Arrow wanted to sit in her infant car seat. You know, the one that she screamed whenever she was put into it into the car. Now she's made amends, one year too late. GOOD JOB ARROW. :)

Arrow and my mom had a little date to the bird aviary. I can't handle the adorableness.

My sister and I visited our local thrift store. Check out this fabulous moose backpack.

 And these amazing hedgehog slippers!

And the most Mormon thing I've seen at the thrift store yet:

We celebrated my good friend's birthday! First with a dinner party in our apartment

 And then out for Noodles & Co and Coldstone

 And then a little lunch date at her work. She is one loved little woman.

I asked Taylor to clean out the rotten food from the fridge, and this is what I came back to. 

Apparently, it is totally possible to switch the handles on the fridge.

 We finally got a trailer to carry out our tot on for family bike rides. Just need to fix a broken wheel, and then we will be one happy bike riding family.

Until, of course, Arrow realizes that she hates being strapped in a trailer, too.

In May, we set a few fires.

 Good friends & family

Taylor and I got to volunteer at the Welfare Square Dairy (while my sweet neighbor volunteered to watch our chub for a couple hours). We both got to work in the coldest room hosting cheese.

Taylor built this awesome little desk for me. From scratch, people. More on that later.

If you want to receive phone reception in our house, now you know where to go

Wow! Long post today. You're amazing if you made it that far.

What fun things do you want to remember about May?


  1. I think you should write a post about "emergency prep day". This is next on my list of to dos, now that my house is cleaned and organized and has the space/storage for that! Plus... I'm way behind on updating 72 hour kits...

    1. Just posted it today! Thanks for the suggestion!


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