simple & sweet at-home date idea (also needing your advice)

This post is for those who need an easy date night idea, but are bored of the "rent a movie and popcorn" scene.

Last Thursday night became an impromptu date night when my sister spontaneously came over and kidnapped our daughter Arrow for a few hours. Now, if I could get that kidnapping business to happen every week, that would be stupendous.

My sister and Arrow scurried out the door, while Taylor and I set up plans for a simple & sweet date night. To title our date with the dumbest name ever: we had ourselves a "bike ride and home-made ice cream" night.

How to date:
It's a pretty simple concept. Go on a bike ride, ride until your cheeks hurt (not your face cheeks, silly), and then when your babysitter goes home, make homemade ice cream while your posterity is resting in their cribs for the next 12 hours.

Taylor has the excitement of a 5 year old on Christmas morning whenever we do something outdoors. If you want to be his friend, all you gotta do is be nice and play outside with him. That little bike ride filled him with 9 kinds of happy for the rest of the night.

We got home around the same time as Chub did (Chub is our nickname for our scrawny tyke). Our date was put on pause while Taylor made up dinner and I mindlessly browsed Facebook.

Once the babe was put to bed, we made some amazing ice cream.

I love thick, creamy ice cream. I don't care for the cheap cartons that we always get at Walmart. But we're cheap, so we won't buy anything else. We don't get ice cream very often.

But this stuff is straight up wonders in a bowl.

Look at that glory. 

The sounds of this machine churning will be the sounds of oncoming-delight for our children. Or grief, when they realize their gluttonous mother just ate all of it before they even got a taste.

We've made home-made ice cream in sandwich bags too. This is recipe I've used in the past.

Simple, fun, and sugary. Easy formula for happiness.


PS I'm trying to figure out which font size looks better. Do you like:

Size #1 (this whole post in is size #1)
Size #2 (Usually what I write in, but always seems tiny to me.)

Lemme know babes!


  1. Fun! I love spontaneous dates! I like font size #2 :)

  2. I literally laughed out loud at the "not your face cheeks" thing... in which I share an office with other people, and through the bulletproof window a girl at a desk judged me.. #worthit


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