Snapchat Faceswaps are Picasso's Wonderland (Or, 8 of the most shocking FaceSwaps I've seen)

One of my favorite things lately is what the young people call "The Snap Chats". It's an absolutely terrifying app that supposedly creates a realistic rendition of your face on your BFF's body. In truth, it creates the stuff of Picasso's daydreams. 

These snaps have been stolen with permission from my sister's account. As the artistic works of art that they are, each photo has been properly re-titled.

Featuring Art Piece #1 "Le Cauchemar"

Art Piece #2 "Faceswapping With My Acne"

Art Piece #3 "Voices of the Future"

Art Piece #4 "The Face in the Elbow Pit"

Art Piece #5 "Eyebrows and Smile On Point"

Art Piece #6 "Something From Miyazaki's Wonderland"

These next two pieces belong in the "Ugly Family Photos" display in our home gallery.

Art Piece #7 "You're a Wizard, Harry."

Art Piece #8 "Why Does Mommy Look Like a Turtle Man?"

Yes, that creepy old man face is MY face.

I hate that I love it so much.

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  1. I think I read this post more than any of your other posts :D hahaahahhahahaha


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