Thanks Pregnancy: 6 unusual things I've cried over lately

Today, I'm guest posting over at one of my favorite blogs Unremarkable Files!

Here's a little snippet to get you started:

Hi internet!
My name is Chaun. "Chaun" is the fancy French spelling for "Shawn", or at least that's what my mother tells me. (I think she just made it up on her own, though.) I'm the head mother in charge over at Hiccups and Pastries.

This is my face, also created by my mother:

I'm a little envious of Jenny right now that she gets to be on her maternity leave, because I still have 6 months of pregnancy to go before I can get to that point. Even so, I'm feeling especially pregnant right now, because all this crying that's been going on lately. I thought this stage ended when I moved out for college, leaving my three teenage sisters at home. With my first baby, I was frustrated with most things that had a face, especially my husband. This time around, I'm just literally crying over stuff like this.


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