Friday Q&A - How to make your own Hawaiian Mystery Dinner (+free printables!)

 We hosted a family birthday party to celebrate all the June babies. (From THIS post)
It was a "Hawaiian BBQ mystery dinner theme. Here's how to make your own Hawaiian Mystery Dinner if you so desire :)

What's a Mystery Dinner?
A mystery dinner is a party of eating your dinner in courses, but all out of order. To play it, you'll need some menu cards for the guests to write out their food preferences and the order in which they'd like them. But here's the catch - all the foods have code names. Our party was a Hawaiian BBQ theme. We named our BBQ Chicken "Volcanic Soil" and our rice "Sand Pebbles". In fact, if you'd like the exact menu card & code names revealed, you can use THIS LINK or read to the end of the post for your own printables. You're welcome. :)

Also, as a side note, most mystery dinners are played with large groups & kitchen servers. Taylor and I would have loved to do that, but it would have taken a long time to get both of our families fed. We invented the alternative to have everyone inside filling out their menu cards, and then coming outside to the dinners prepared on the tables. We had 3 tables in total: 2 for guest sitting, and 1 for hosting the desserts & drinks (since there wasn't enough room on the tables to hold all the food). If you're not able to have a spare table, you could always put an extra tablecloth to hide the food while people make up their menus at the table.

How we played

First, let me explain the menu cards.

We split up our dinner into 3 courses. Each course came with a drink that they could only choose once. (You could do this with utensils instead if you want.) Each item could only be chosen once, and once that course time was over, then they couldn't go back to it.

My printer made some funky boxes on the menu cards up there, but it was supposed to have 3 lines for the first course, 4 for the second, and 3 again for the final round. Once the game was over then people could get seconds of whatever they didn't have time to finish.

We opted not to use a timer for each course, but used general common sense when people were finished eating (or starving because they got nothing) to we move onto the next course.

Just a couple pictures from our party...

Printables to make your own Hawaiian Mystery Dinner

Phew! That was a lot of pictures! Now here are your printables for those who want to use what I made up. You can also click HERE to the google doc file. In exchange for free stuff, 

all I ask in return is a comment below is what you plan to do for your own mystery dinner! (And I will probably "borrow" your ideas).

Have fun babes!
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