heavy stuff that makes my heart feel funny things

For kicks and giggles, I watched this trailer.

Naturally, I had to watch every.single.video because the ironic part about addiction recovery videos is that they're addicting to watch.

I watched, completely fascinated, crying, feeling my heart break from the love I felt for each of these 12 different people.

Two things I didn't expect from watching:

1)  I learned how to use drugs. Now it makes sense why you can't smoke meth.

2) The change

Later that day, after watching the videos, I drove past a man who seemed mentally ill. He was talking to himself and kicking at air. These actions are all part of the usual homeless crowd you'll see around downtown SLC.

When I come into this kind of company, my usual first reaction isn't to think lesser of that person's value, but my thoughts do gravitate to my personal safety. I'm wary of being rushed at by strangers, or people jumping into my car. Sounds crazy, but both have happened before.

I watched the man stumble and mumble as he made his way down the sidewalk. Here I waited for the usual feelings of self-defense & heightened awareness hit me. I waited to feel like I needed to lock my car doors. I waited. And, to my surprise, those feelings didn't come.

Instead, I became aware of something else entirely. My eyes were opening to this man. The longer I watched him, the more I saw him as someone who was just like me. Someone who's just another human being on this planet. Someone who's has lost their way in life before. And someone who has a chance at finding it again.

Just from watching those videos, my eyes were seeing something better than they had known before.

It's incredible what a good short film can do for you.

It's heavy stuff, but click here if you want to see the first video in the series.


  1. I was humbled a few years ago when I found out my aunts friend who is well off, has a son who she can't help. He is on the streets because of addiction. And my aunts friend is taking care of her grandson because she's the only one who can. Now I never forget that that person on the street is someone's son, uncle, niece, or sister. And it's just sad.

    1. It is so sad. I'm so grateful to know that change is always possible, no matter the situation

  2. I didn't watch all of these but I was strangely drawn to watching a lot of them, too! I don't have any personal connection to this topic but they were just very well done.

    1. Right? It's amazing what good storytelling can do. When I went to sleep that night, I not surprisingly dreamed a lot about crystal meth. :)


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