Monday, July 11, 2016

How my husband surprised me with the gender reveal

A couple weeks ago we found out the gender of baby #2.

I had completely settled on waiting to find out the gender for the baby. A couple friends of mine had waited and they loved the experience. They described a moment of really "meeting" the baby in a private, peaceful place. That sort of description seemed almost magical to me, so I decided that I wanted to try it out.

Taylor, however, didn't want none of that. He was excited to start "knowing" the baby (or, at least as much as you can know from a simple gender ultrasound :)

I had a regular ultrasound appointment scheduled, so we waited until that 20 week mark. My doctor had me look away when she was examining the baby's bottom, and wrote the gender down on a slip of paper for Taylor to look at when I got home. I had a hunch on what it was right then.

At home, there was a terribly hard choice to make. Once Taylor opened the envelope, he started grinning from ear to ear. And then whooping and hollering and doing the jitterbug from excitement. Nothing was given away since he didn't have a preference, but man, it made my heart ache a bit. I felt this strange, little emotion of feeling left out on something so exciting. I also wanted to be celebrating! Obviously I would be celebrating even if we did wait all the way until the end, but it's hard to not want to be a part of the fun.

So, we made a compromise.

For Arrow's gender reveal, I surprised Taylor by writing down his favorite boy or girl names, and then let him draw the name out of a hat.

This time, he surprised me. (And if we try again in the future, then we will both wait to find out.)

Taylor made up a little word search puzzle with nine different names. Four belonged to one gender, and then five to the "winner". He didn't include a key, so I was left to my own imagination what names he would have picked.

The names are blurred for privacy :)
It worked out perfectly that I found 4 of both gender... but could not figure out what the last one was. 

Eventually I realized it was a name that Taylor loves and I completely hate.

Ares, like Ares the Greek god of war. Nice try, love.

It's a boy! Just as my hunch had predicted. :)

This little guy will carry a bit of legacy in my family. He will be the first boy born in my family in the past four decades. (I have all sisters and all girl cousins and a daughter. To say the amount of estrogen occasionally overwhelms family gatherings is an understatement.)

And there we have it. A little boy.  


  1. So exciting! Little boys are a lot of fun and so sweet!

    1. I'm glad! I've been watching all the little boys on our street (which probably creeps out their mothers) trying to figure them out. Little boys are a total mystery to me!

  2. It's about time someone brings a boy into this family

  3. Just found your blog- excited to read it!
    Our family is the opposite- TONS of boys. I'm expecting a girl in October and everyone is beyond excited to finally buy GIRL things. We just don't have a name... :)
    I'm still overly partial to boys.

    1. Hi Trisha! Thanks for stopping by :) and CONGRATS! Little girls are awesome. Good luck on the name choosing - it took us 3 days after our daughter was born before we settled on a name :)

  4. Congrats! Little boys are such fun!

    1. That's been the rumor! We are excited :)

  5. How fun! That would be tough to find if you didn't know what you were looking for (and maybe they had names on the brain you hadn't been thinking of!) Congratulations on your little boy.

    1. It did take a long time for find the name "Ares". I wouldn't know, but I just assume most people don't include that name on the list of potentials ;)

  6. Grats for a boy. They're a handful of fun. Haha. Look into the pros and cons of circumcision before deciding!! Yay boys!!!


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