June Little Moments 2016


What a month.

Here are the little fabulous things of June that weren't quite big enough for their own blog post, but deserve honorable mention.

The end of May / beginning of June started out with this little desk that Taylor made for me. (This is a before picture)

It was a late Christmas present that I love so much. Once it was painting, stripped, painted again, and nailed in all together, I finally got to bring it down into our guest room / office. 

It probably sounds silly, but I've literally dreamed of an office space in a home to host my projects and work. We live on a super tight budget, so realistically, I didn't think it'd be possible. However, the thrifty life is more providing than I realized, and so I got that little desk after all. (I think it cost about $23 to make, including wood, screws, and spray paint.)

The first Saturday of June was full of baby shower stuff. One of them I was invited to by a sweet friend from college.

So excited for her and her new baby girl.

The other baby shower I helped host for my sister in law Suzy.

 Check out that shark watermelon. Totally pinterest worthy.

 As well as these Pinterest worthy sand-dollar snickerdoodles. They were SO GOOD. I literally ate around 12 - 15 over the weekend. (Maybe more? Who knows. Don't tell Taylor.)

We're waiting any day for that little nephew of ours to be born. I was not pleased when he almost came on my birthday, but then changed his little mind.

Arrow had this phase of waking up every morning, an hour earlier than usual, and crying out for her daddy. Taylor would go in, pick her up, and they'd nestle on the couch and slept until the proper waking time.

It was pretty adorable. We're sad that phase is over.

Speaking of Arrow, she's been super loving the gardening hose lately. In a "hose down mama's phone and crotch when she's not looking" sort of way.

I've been trying to train her to love chalk more than the hose. 

Just casually standing with the First Lady of Utah. No bigs.

I'm partnering with Lady Herbert and some other really incredible people on an event later this summer. (I'm legitimately not sure how I got involved in the fun, but I'm soaking it in as much as possible.) I have much more to say about that later on. 

Our car was in the shop for a day, so we borrowed this fancy thing of a vehicle. Supposedly it has automatic brakes.

After ranting to Taylor my worries of people becoming stupid in the future from dependence on vehicles, I was excited to drive it around town for a bit. It's so nice to drive a car that doesn't smell like, well, our car.

Here's our favorite kind of transportation. Bike ride with my honey

Father's Day picture. Grateful for good men and that one chose to marry me. Also, Taylor, you're welcome for the babies.

A kind neighbor friend took us out for Chinese one night. Arrow broke her water cup, I dropped ketchup onto our neighbor's pants leg, and soy sauce was spilled everywhere. At least we - meaning Taylor, Arrow, and I- had a good time. :)

I had a birthday (back HERE)

Our family celebrated with a Hawaiian Mystery Dinner for all the June babies. (Back HERE)

And then there were the little things of finishing up our home like calking & installing light bulbs after a year of living here.

It was a good month.

What was the highlight of your June month?


  1. Go, Taylor! The desk looks awesome! Hope your phone will survive the sneak attacks from the garden hose for the rest of the summer.

  2. Taylor is a pro at the DIY life :)


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