Toddler Talk I

Recent conversations with the tot that rules our lives

Family Prayer 

Taylor: Say "Heavenly Father"
Arrow: Amen!
Taylor: Say, Father
Arrow: Amen!
Taylor: Like this: Faaaaaaa- ther 
Arrow: Aaaaaaaa-men

Ambiguous Questions

Arrow bursts into my bedroom at light speed

Arrow: MAMA!
Chaun: Yeah!?
Arrow: Hi mama!
Chaun: Hi babe!
Arrow: jdfakdf;dfa jk;fdafda ????
Chaun: I have no idea what you're asking me.
Arrow: *doubles over laughing*

The Cutest Baby

Chaun: Who's the cutest baby?
Taylor: Ooh the cutest baby! Is it Dada?
Arrow: Nuh uh
Taylor: Is it Mama?
Arrow: Nuh uh
Taylor: Is it you?
Arrow: Nuh uh
Taylor: Is it Auntie Hannah?
Arrow: Nuh uh
Taylor: Is it Uncle P?
Arrow: Nuh uh
Taylor: Well who is it? Is it Oma?
Arrow: OMA!?

Dinner Prayer
Taylor: Say Heavenly Father
Arrow: ... OMA!

Looking for Toys

Arrow is talking to herself

Arrow: Where'd it go? 
Arrow spins around and yanks a stuffed bunny from behind her back

Theatrics in the Making

Taylor walks in on Arrow in the kitchen. She is flinging her arms out very "sound of music" -eque from side to side.


Bedtime Wishes

Arrow is laying in her bed, just about asleep. Before I can quietly sneak from the room, she opens one eye and makes a few requests.

Arrow: *whispers* Miya? (Water)
Chaun: *hands her the sippy cup*
Arrow: *whispers* Bear?
Chaun: *tucks her bear next to her*
Arrow: *closes eyes and whispers* Bye Bye

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  1. I love the surprise she pulled on herself with the stuffed bunny. Never a dull moment.


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