A HUGE MISTAKE and other Yahoo Answers

Until reading this post, I had no idea that Yahoo still even existed. Better yet, people  apparently still use Yahoo Answers to figure out life's problems. Naturally, it's my civic duty as a social media jammer to, uh, test out the Yahoo platform. For research and stuff.

And also to test the patience & character & well-being of my fellow children-of-God-peers.



How can I make my cat lick her paws less?

I love my cat but she has been SO rude lately. She's gone through a major growth spurt in the past 6 months. We used to play all the time and I told her all my secrets and she'd purr and listen except now she's discovered her paws. All she does is lick them when I'm trying to talk to her. Is there a way I can make her lick her paws less and listen better?

1. lol that's pretty stupid... Cats don't give a rats about your secrets and stories.. (Aaron)
2. Go back to your stuffed animals. (John m)
3. She can listen and lick her paws she's just cleaning herself (Laisha P

How long does it take the sun to heat up a pot of water?
My water heater is out for the next ten or maybe 15 days. The plumber man said he'd be around sooner than that, but he had shifty eyes SO I'm PRETTY sure that he's not going to come "tomorrow or the day after". Anyway, I've set ALL my pots out on the windowsill to warm up for a hot bath but it's been about 30 minutes and they're not hot enough. How long will it take? The water should be hot enough to steam my pores.

1. Put that water on the stove and heat it up. (John M) 
2. Depends on the energy the pots are getting through the window, what the pots are made of, surface area of the water, ambient temperatures, etc. If you want to heat up water fairly quickly, you need to use either a solar stove, or move the water to a covered black plastic container. (Re Vera)

Can bees communicate with people?
I'm just wondering cuz this crazy bee has been following me all afternoon and I'm sort of wondering if it's trying to pass on a message like from the dead or something

1. Yes... In swarms! (Anonymous) 
2. No I don't think they can (Jax)

How do I substitute zucchini in zucchini bread?
I want to make my grandma's zucchini bread but I don't have zucchini. Is there a good replacement?

there were lots of answers to this one, but these were my favorite
1. Garlic Dill Pickles are the same thing (Gary B) 
2. You can't replace something that is such a main ingredient. You will have to make something else. You won't be making "grandmothers" recipe, anyway. (Zolly) 
3. Anything of a similar consistency would probably work. Bananas, boiled/mashed potatoes, obviously other squash (Libraryanna) 
4. No (Jo)

How does cat surrogacy work?
There's a guy who's asking about cat surrogacy and he wants his cat to experience Motherhood (which is really sweet I think) and I'm just wondering how the surrogacy works?


1. Clearly, your firend (and probably yoiu) have no idea HOW a cat feels "motherhood" -- and, sicne cats are "lower animals" running almost ttally on instict, they DO NOT "feel motherhood" the same way humans do. What a HUGE mistkae he is about to make. (Gary B)
2. The guy is pulling your leg there is no way his cat can do that unless it becomes pregnant and takes care of and feeds another cat's kittens.

More to come. :)

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