July Little Moments 2016

Uh oh. Is this acceptable? Can I be posting the July little moments on the very last day of August?  

July was the last official month of summer vacation for our family. Both Taylor and I nailed down some job positions to provide for our family. These are the faces of two happy (and relieved) college graduates who found jobs in their fields.

With faces like these, who wouldn't want to hire us?

We don't need to discuss Pokemon Go on this blog. But this picture is important. A family of 6 people plus their friends came long on this "Pokemon Go" walk and only TWO people were playing.

The best part - we weren't the only group of masses out in the neighborhood that night.

Did you miss the baby gender announcement? More importantly, I want you to know how Taylor surprised me with it, because that was really clever. 

Taylor and I became an aunt & uncle for the first time. His baby blessing was just a couple weeks later. 

Somewhat cheesy selfie of starting a new job. Also, props to wet hair. I am totes not used to working at 6:30 AM.

The singles ward Taylor and I used to attend had a reunion. This was our fantastic bishopric, now serenading us. Note: this was not uncommon back in the ward.

Taylor and one of his roommates. We sure like him.

One of Taylor's other college roommates found this fine young lady and married her

 The reception boasted a very nice selection of delicacies that made my heart sing.

 Arrow though, with her high class standards of desserts, was not pleased.

Look at this little thing

Speaking of Arrow, she said some winning things, back in this post.

My sister Kylee took me out to lunch one day

I just want to be her when I grow up.

Other sister Hannah stayed with us for two days. 

Hannah: I really love milk, like, a lot. Do you mind if I drink the milk in the fridge?

Chaun: That's an odd question. You don't need to ask that! Go ahead.

We were down more than a couple gallons by the time she went home.

I gave my first fireside speech / talk / presentation? at a girls camp. (What do speakers call their speaks?) (oh gosh did I just say speaks? I'll never be asked to speak again.) 

I spoke to them about how it's incredibly easy to be active in church, but it's another ball game to be "active" in the Gospel. We talked a lot about "we can do hard things". The best part was when I had to literally had to climb a mile upwards, in a dress, +25 pounds of child in my tummy before I found their camp. Although it was uncertain if survival was possible, I LIVED. Oh, the irony.

Also not pictured:  S'mores topped with strawberries. Surprisingly delicious.

To end this rather lengthy post, let me just share one of my favorite descriptions of Pioneer Day that the world needs to read. Because Utah is a great and strange little place and we have the holidays to prove it! Click HERE for that.

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  1. Pokemon Go walk, eh? Maybe that's how I can sell the idea of going on a walk to my kids!


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