You're Invited: Uplift Families conference + discount tickets here!

Back in June, I mentioned I'd been able to meet with with the First Lady of Utah, along with a group of other really amazing ladies.

Why yes, that is me in the back, shoving food in my mouth mid bite :) (on the right corner) Thanks for noticing.

So. The conference. What's it about?

"Our organization believes that to have a strong viable state, we must have strong viable families. We have great concern for the children of Utah and the negative influences they are exposed to. We believe strongly that by getting the message out to parents as to the critical nature of their positive involvement with their children, we can help turn the tide of juvenile problems that we see as a growing threat to our society.” 
—First Lady Jeanette Herbert

This conference is one of Lady Herbert's resources to get out really great parenting messages & pick-me-ups to parents.

All the other details you need to know:

Just like last year, we are having a series of incredible speakers, a music performance, dinner, and it's for a really great deal at $25 for two people. Two people, friends.

BUT. You should enter this code2016$5offH&P for an additional $5 off.  Cuz yo girl has those connections. Click HERE to get to the checkout site.

Friends, this is one heck of a great date night coming up. If you come, we will eat all the desserts together and make proof of it to the Instagrams.

See you there!

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