1000 Days of Marriage

Wanna know something cool?

This guy and I celebrated 1000 days of marriage last week. A THOUSAND DAYS.

has it only been that long?
When you do the math, you realize that's literally only a couple years and we're still practically babies and holy cow we're having two kids BUT-

A 1000 days just feels a lot more awesome than saying 2.74 years. I'm just saying.

We celebrated the occasion with a candlelight dinner (featuring Pizza Hut + Honey Nut Chex because pregnant.)

I off-handedly mentioned our 1000 day celebration to my sister, and she & my mom brought this over.

Deliciously adorable. 

And then they took Arrow out for a couple hours.

They are beautiful souls.

And I love my honey.


  1. You made me curious, we are a little over 4000. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I love that you celebrated that! Now I want to figure out how many days Joe and I have been married!

    1. It's pretty exciting! (until you realize we've got nothing on veteran couples, but still :)

  3. Happy... anniversary? Congratulations. Sounds like the perfect day.

    1. I'm not even sure what to call it either. It was just fun to celebrate :)


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