Maybe we'll just farm instead

*** At 5:30 AM ****

Chaun: It makes me grumpy seeing all these cars out here. Why are these people awake right now?

Taylor: That's a good question.

Chaun: Why are we awake right now?

*semi truck pulls alongside our car*

Arrow: Oh! Big truck!

Chaun: Why is SHE awake???

Taylor: I think our family is addicted to living life as difficultly and busy as possible.

Chaun: That sounds terrible. And accurate.


Chaun: You'll notice that the sun hasn't risen yet. That's a problem. I don't mind if it's 5:30 AM and the sun is up, too. But if we're out here, and the sun isn't even ready for the day, then we need to go back home. If Big Daddy isn't awake yet, neither should we be.

Taylor: I'm telling you, the farmers have it figured out. 

Chaun: What? Farmers?

Taylor: Farmers get up with the sun and back to bed when it's finished. Farmers ain't fools.

Chaun: That's it. That's the new dream.

We're quitting our life dreams and careers. It's not morally okay to be awake when it's dark outside.


  1. That's what I hate most about the school year. I hate getting up when it's still dark outside, which it will be in about a month. Not that I want to be a farmer, I'm way too lazy for that.

    1. The only thing that seems appealing about the farm life is that there are no rules to how many cats you can own


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