Senior Night Dinner: the life of contribution

This past Sunday, Taylor and I hosted a little fancy dinner for the graduating seniors in our circle.

Without wanting to come off as too "parent-y" to them, we wanted to celebrate how far these guys have come in school.

I remember high school, and I remember wanting it over almost all the time always. But, if there's one thing my high school did well, it was celebrating the gift of education. There was a massive push to get seniors into colleges or secondary trainings of some kind. In my day and age, they helped the seniors out by setting up a little Saturday party that had breakfast and a paid college application fee to wherever we wanted to apply. Honestly, if it wasn't for that breakfast, I probably wouldn't have applied to the University of Utah (where I met my honey) and I would be two waffles short in my lifetime of breakfasts.

Naturally, we had this idea to celebrate these seniors after the school year had already started, but there's something about free, good food that brings people over. I know all about that; that's why I showed up to anything ever in my singlehood days.

After the dinner, Taylor gave a short devotional. I admit I was a little nervous about it beforehand. I didn't want to burn out these young people by preaching about how great high school is. 

I shouldn't have worried; Taylor is a great teacher.

He drew up this little diagram that had been taught to us at a youth camp this summer. (more on that soon)

Here's the oversimplified explanation:

There's the life of mediocrity. It's your standard life of  "go to school, go to college, get a job, retire, and play golf until your dying day".

But then there's the life of contribution.
Grow up, get an education, contribute in your corner of the world, build an institution, and then mentor the younger generations until your dying day.

This is something I'll post more on soon, but we gave them the brief overview of this type of "deliberate living". Right now, they're smack in the middle of gaining their education. Whether it's graduating high school and going to college, or investing in great classics, or diligently learning / training in some way - they are gaining an education to prepare for their contributions to their world corners. We then talked about different ways of contribution, and that even as teenagers, they are starting into that stage of contribution. 

This is something that Taylor and I are becoming so passionate about, and we hoped to share that excitement. I think it might have worked, but we also might have scared them.

Even without our little senior night dinner, I know that these guys are doing really, really great things. Although those lives are closely intertwined right now, they each have a very different story from one another. I am happy to see where they are right now in their lives, and I'm looking forward to seeing where they take their talents & dreams.

Love you turd nuggets. :)

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