August Little Moments 2016

These are the fine and dandy moments of August that weren't quite big enough for their own posts. And apparently this did not post a month ago when it was supposed to. #Holla.

We attended the annual Uplift families conference that I had mentioned back here. The night was grand. I didn't capture any pictures whatsoever, but I sure loved the messages and ideas shared at the conference. We even got to chat with the Eyres for a little bit as the night was wrapping up.

Naturally, at a conference about how to be better, involved parents, Taylor and I sent Arrow to spend time with her aunt instead. She didn't mind. 

We spent some time in Canada. This is Taylor waiting to surprise his best friend in the house.

Also, in Canada, I found this magazine at the grocery store.

The patriotism was very strong in those parts.

The weekend after returning from our trip to Canada, Taylor's family had a little vacation day at something that's pronounced "rez-oh-voore". I can't figure out how to spell it. Anyway, this is what Arrow gave me to remember the day by.

Taylor and I have a goal to have our place ready to move within a year. Each month, we supposedly tackle a major room and work on it piece by piece on our Saturday morning cleanings. We assigned ourselves to "kitchen & pantry" in July.

That did not happen. Instead, we quietly ignored the goal, and dedicated ourselves to cleaning out the nursery. It looks boss right now. The living conditions therein the nursery are also much safer, since some of those tasks were to finally cover up outlets, cords, and all the things little people love to munch on. Only a couple years had to pass to get that done but it's never too late to be responsible for your kids' safety!

For the month of August, our assignment was something like "living room".

Yes. That also did not happen. Although, we did get around to buying a carbon monoxide detector, after living in our home for 18 months. September's month is probably something like calking the trim in our bedroom, but we'll probably do things like destroying the black widow nests from the summer in our window wells. We are nailing this safety thing.

This incredibly massive snow cone came to me on a day when I was the most irritable summer grinch. My heart and blood sugars increased 3x that day.

Peace out, summer.

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