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I'm writing this post at an hour where none of you, including myself, should be awake. I haven't been able to sleep for a couple hours, and after eating a couple pieces of toast & jam and Oreos and partying with the mariachi band inside my tummy, I figured that a blog update would probably cure my pregnancy insomnia.

Oh, and also watching this cat video on Facebook while my body pretends it's in labor. (Which, not to complain, except to complain a little bit, but I think it's wholly unfair to have insomnia before the baby is born. The practice of being awake and drained without a cure at odd hours is unnecessary before the baby is even home yet. Rude.)

What was I doing here again?

Right. Blogging. Update. We can do this.

Here are a few things I'm excited for in the near future (in no real order).
  1. Going into real labor
  2. A baby
  3. Releasing the blog rebranded
  4. The Pumpkin Oreo dessert after dinner tonight
  5. Getting Taylor the Christmas present that I've planned for weeks (Naturally he found out about it anyway, but he's pretending he didn't understand what it was for.)
Mostly this post was to touch on the blog rebranding. Because change is scary. But if we hold hands and sing some hymns together, we'll be able to make this through. A couple months ago, it was mentioned that this darling blog space was about to undergo a makeover, worthy of Dolly Parton's attention. The makeover was referring to mostly the design and name of the blog, but a bit on the content as well. After a couple solid years of blogging, it's nice (and even surprising) to be narrowing in the niche a little better. I have this adorable daydream that I'll be working diligently on this project while my newborn sleeps in his basket and my 2 year old quietly colors at her desk. This is what parenting handbooks have taught me to expect and I can't be convinced otherwise.

The other thing of mention is my blogging maternity leave. As I've been working on the new site, I sort of forgot to publish posts on this site as well. If you're one of my 17 disappointed readers - my apologies. I do think about you, usually when I'm in the shower or at 4 AM realizing that nothing has posted anything in days. 

One final thing that's been kept somewhat of a secret and will remain a secret for a while longer (TEASERS!), but I've been a part of a happiness experiment for the past 5 months that's still in the works. Part of that experiment is to go anti-social (media) for a month. Reasons I'm telling you:
1. If you're one of my 4 disappointed followers on Facebook, engagement probably will be cut off during November EXCEPT- 
2. There's an unsponsored service campaign for December that I am SO excited for. This is your early announcement that goodness in your life is on its way.
Boom. There's the update. Cheers and Oreos all around. Have yourself a happy little Sabbath, and to kick that off, here's a spine tingly video to get you started.

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  1. Excited to see what the new site looks like! You've got a lot on your plate and it's coming up quickly!


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