Ruined reputations

Last week, I wrote on the corn maze from the son of hades. It was a terrifying experience. The Autumn Fanatics of the world needed to know that's it perfectly okay to not love everything about fall, and actually only love a few select things. Like you can love pumpkin sweets and your white girl pumpkin lattes, but you don't have to love getting lost in endless cornmazes while the funnel cake truck at the end is reaching closing hours. 

Anyway, Taylor was visiting relatives a few days ago, and they brought up the corn maze. They asked if it was as bad as I had told everyone it was. Apparently, they were unsure if we were really up against nazi-like rule enforcement to not cut through the corn stalks while struggling to escape.

The experience, from Taylor's point of view, was that the corn maze was "fine", "not that hard", and that I was "panicking for no reason". 

Now this is a debate worth being a part of!
Question for the candidates: Are corn mazes all that bad?

Let me point out that Taylor is 100% always that ridiculously cheerful person on the team who is all "Well, we've made it halfway, we might as well finish!" and "I bet it will take us half the time to get out, now that we figured out the map!" and blessing puppies & babies along the way.

I don't always trust the happy people.

I'll stand by what I've said before and just kindly remind the world that panic doesn't need a reason to fret, but things like the funnel cake truck closing is definitely a reason for alarm.

And the corn maze was definitely terrifying.

Where do you stand on corn mazes?

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