September Little Moments 2016

Maternity shoot - write about trying to have a happier attitude this time around.

Randy brought over this sign of perfection for our home. got a text from a friend saying he'd found the perfect wall hanging for our home, and I was intrigued. We're sort of in the middle of average things, not too nerdy, not too definitive, so I couldn't figure out what he had found. I don't even know what the perfect wall hanging is for our home. But Dandy Randy knows us better than we know ourselves.

Fall decorations started to go up

My slightly addictive work personality is happy.

Taylor and Arrow joined me on a work lunch

1000 days of marriage

Reaffirmed that physical touch is not my love language - although it was a good experience to try it out again, and be better at sharing that kind of love with peeps.

Someone touched my baby belly for the first time ever.  Actually, they poked me. It was startling. I didn't realize people actually do that.

Maybe mention how I've been working on the book? Not really sure yet. Or maybe even the happiness project.

Parenting advisory council if I took a picture of that.

Kaye Bday

Baby shower for the new little man.

Women General Conference Session

The only thing that sounds good lately: cold cereal for every meal. Or ice. Or nothing at all. SO PREGNANT PLEASE SEND HELP.

Arrow kicked off the holiday season with her birthday. September - December is the season of gift giving and throwing money on the streets with all the birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays crammed together. We obviously enjoy it, since we're adding another birthday here in just a few weeks.

I cry.

Book club in my neighborhood.

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