The Tour: 22 Footprints

Just a little update here. But you ought to be sitting down for it. With your feet propped up. And under a blanket. Is that hot cocoa in a mug at your side? And do I feel the warmth of a fire crackling in the fireplace?

Ahh. So relaxing.

Now that we've set the scene for reading an update from your mostest very favoritest blog- NOBODY PANIC.

Stuff looks different around here. I know. Small changes will continue to be made over the next couple weeks. (If you're on your phone, scroll to the page bottom, and click to view the full site!)

Hiccups and Pastries as a blog is no longer. Thank goodness. After the 45,646th time explaining to new souls that this is not a cooking website, and also managing not to self-implode after the jerk tech guy from the site hosting company made fun of the title and just me in general, it came to light that it was time to rebirth this baby.

Sidenote: Too much time was spent pondering those last 3 words.

Sidenote #2: More time was spent trying to name this blog than picking my kids' names. And that is not a small number.

Anyway. This is now 22 Footprints.

Besides the name and look of the blog, here are a couple new things:

Blogging niche: Storytelling. Humor. Shamelessy exploiting the lives of my family and friends for views on the internet. Kidding, mom.

Each page on this blog has been updated with new content, including a FAQs page with contributions from two unsuspecting readers.

The Facebook page is updated and pretty and would appreciate if you stopped by for a glorious minute. If that's not your thing though, no worries. Twitter and I have also made peace with one another. Twitter along with me if you so wish @heyyochaun.

Most old posts are still there in the archives, but the boring, useless ones have been sent to where they always meant to be: the trash can.

That's a mighty frustrating life that you must live.

If you have any more questions, please direct them to the 22 Footprints FAQ page.

So good to be back on blogging. I missed your pretty faces.

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