Toddler Talk II

In which the toddler tot Arrow displays compassion, bravery, and enough sass to power up a hospital's generator.

Is it a beauty mark or is it a mark of pain?
Arrow climbs into my lap and looks intently at my face.

Arrow: Hurt?

Chaun: What?

Arrow: *gingerly pokes my cheek* Hurt?

Chaun: Oh, that's just a freckle.

Arrow: Frecko?

Chaun: Yup, just a freckle.

Arrow: *puts hand on my cheek* I sorry.


We are not always a reverent family
It's sacrament meeting. A young girl is up at the pulpit, trying to hold back tears as she bears testimony of her love for her dad. It's a quiet, special moment.

Arrow: *spontaneously grabs my face with both hands*

Arrow: I cute! I cute! Hahaha!

Chaun: *loudly* Hahahaha you are cute!

Chaun: *notices the silence*


Well, alrighty then.
Arrow sees outline of tree in a Christmas book

Arrow: Oh! Temple!

Chaun:  No, that's a tree

Arrow: *gives me a stern look* No, Mama. I see a temple.

Facing her fears
Arrow was scared of the breast pump. Usually she ran from the room whenever it was in use. But everything changed when the toddler attacked.

Arrow: *creeps into bedroom*

Arrow: BOO! Haha! Scare you, Pump!


Called to attention
I was struggling to nurse the baby, when Arrow came up for conversation.

Arrow: Mama? Mama! MAMA!

Taylor: Not now, Arrow. Mama hurts. She can't talk right now.

Arrow: *gives me a mischievous look*

Arrow: Chaun! Chaaaauuuunnn.

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