Facebook flurts

People in the movies often say things like: "You picked the wrong person to mess with!"

When that happens, I'm talking back to the screen saying, "Don't you mean they picked the right person? Otherwise this story would never have happened. CONTENT, PEOPLE."

And so it goes.

Just before my November vacation from social media, I noticed a rogue message request in my Facebook inbox. It came from a man who we'll call Chris. I messaged him back once, and figured that was the end of it. To my joy 30 days later, he responded. Taylor and I awaited each response, until the chap finally had to be cut off.

Thanks, Chris, for picking the right person to mess with.

Chris: Hi pretty

Chaun: I am a man

Please note that THIS was my profile picture on Facebook.


Chaun: You needed to know

Chris: How

Chaun: I once was grievously mislead to believe that coconuts were sloth eggs. Once I found out that that was NOT true, I was so embarrassed I locked myself in my backyard shed for 6 hours with none for company except my neighbor's cat Tom. I was lucky that Tom was there because I used to hose him every time he came into my yard* but like a true friend he stuck by my side when I needed him most.

*This part is true

Chris: Lol. Funny U.

Chaun: Thanks Chris. I hope to be a comedian when I grow up. At least I hope you meant it. If not that makes you a BIG liar. And you know where liars go!

Chris: Lol. 

Chris: Can I hv ur number?

Chaun: Nah

Blocks Chris

Have you ever spammed a creeper online?

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