So it begins...

Taylor and I had this real cute idea to start potty training Arrow this past weekend.

Even though it's Christmas.

Even though the baby still nurses.

Even though Kohl's is having all the fab sales on jewelry.

...We still chose to potty train our nugglet.

Arrow had taken up "changing" her own diaper at her leisure, and that made nasty messes for Taylor or I to find later on. A couple weekends ago, I took Arrow to pick out her underwear. (If you meet her in person, she'll proudly show you the Hello Kitty designs she picked out.) For about a week, we admired the underwear, excitedly talked about potty training, etc. Before the real business began, Arrow tried out sitting on her little potty seat to "practice". 

Saturday came. I had just jumped in the shower, when Arrow popped her head in the curtains and asked to use the potty. Understandably so, I was unprepared, but gosh dang it, if the kid asks to go potty, then we first-time parents fall over ourselves getting out the tub to help those kids make it. With shampoo bubbles in my hair, and soap stinging my eyes, I helped Arrow get all situated on the toilet. That same day, she figured it out. Sunday was even better. It was awesome, and we were pleased with ourselves for training her.

Until we realized that we have to take her to the bathroom every 30 minutes. (Do all kids pee this much???) Still, the naivety in us pressed on with hope that our kid would be bladder trained within 72 hours.

Counting 116 hours later...

Today Arrow realized that pee doesn't actually have to go in the toilet. Sure, it should, but if she's just too busy doing toddler business, then wet, smelly carpets are worth the sacrifice. Like, totes whatevs, she says, as I scrub carpet with tears in my eyes.

Where do I go to cash in my "reset button"?

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