I'm your most popular friend

I've got a gaggle of sisters without any brothers to apologize for it. (Truly though, I adore my ladies.) There are 4 of us girls born in a 5 year period. Can I say that again? FOUR GIRLS IN FIVE YEARS AND OH MY HECK WHAT WERE MY PARENTS THINKING.

Surely not to have that many female teenagers in a row, I'm guessing.

The next sister after me is 15 months younger than myself. Her birthday had just missed the class deadline, so she ended up in a grade two below me. However, I was the baby of my class, and she the headmaster of her own. Our closeness in age meant that we were familiar with each other's friends, and often mixed with them or their siblings.

Doors in our house were positioned on a right angle, so that it was a mess of traffic and hair bows trying to get out into the hallway at the same time. I assume on this day we had crashed into each other and got mad which ultimately led us into an argument about popularity.

I don't know what spurned it. I knew my stance in elementary school. I knew my place of rank. From what I remember, I was a shy child who wore purple suits and butterfly collars to school. And I went to school in the early 2000's. Also, I was obsessed with hamsters. Frighteningly so. When my first hamster Jaaron died on a Monday, I wore a black turtleneck sweater every Monday for several months without fail to remember his death.

...All those reasons are possibly exactly why I was burned by popularity. Or, the lack thereof.

Anyway, my sister and I got into this little argument about who had more friends. We started listing names, but then we forgot who we already said. To solve that, I ran off to get paper and pens. When I returned, we sat down across from each other, still in front of our bedroom doors. After a minute or so, I proudly finished my list of who all I considered to be my friend. I looked up and saw that my sister was still furiously scribbling down names without pause. 

With a frown I squinted to read some of those upside down names. And realized, with mad envy, that she had a lot more names on her list than I did mine. So, like any classy older sister, I started writing down the names that were on her list. Never mind that "Joey" and "Ryan" were some of her best friends. Somehow they accidentally ended up on my list too. Whoopsie!

The details are fuzzy from there, but by the end, I think I had more names than she had on her list. Or maybe we tied. Either way, we parted ways angrily and determined to make more people be our friends. Lucky for them! 

A couple hours later, that same sister and I were chasing our stuffed animals that we had launched from my ceiling fan, popularity fued forgotten.

I think I was 10.

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