Your Favorite Posts of 2016

I meant to blog today about deers and car wrecks or something but then that "most popular blog post" trend filled up my reading list last week, so instead we're going to talk about that. Well. "Talk" as in I just write and you just read. Couldn't be more simple than slapping pita bread and cheese together. You all do a great job at it. :) 

A lot has changed this year, for a lot of people. In my personal bubble, 2016 was a great year. It was also a struggle for many others. I sincerely hope that 2017 will bring joy, and that peace will seep into the overall taste of our lives, as we set a mindset to choose happy. I noticed that most those who complained about wanting to "kick 2016 in the teeth" are those who usually feel determined to have a bad time at the party. Those who accepted the sad events, but still fought for happiness are those who are most at peace, and are looking forward to a new phase of their lives. To me, the latter group look like they've found that formula for overall happiness.

Now, just a recap on the top 7 most read posts of the 2016 year.

Facebook Flurts
A stranger tried hitting on me via Facebook. Basically, this is what happens when you flirt with another man's wife. Especially when she's pregnant.

My Son
Showing off my new little son to all you people of the internet.

Why I Chose Maternity Photos After All
I used to be somewhat disgusted by maternity photos (and pregnancy in general). That sourpuss attitude of mine was a downer. But, there's power in self love.

How My Husband Surprised Me With the Baby Gender
Taylor, my mad genius mate, surprised me with the baby's gender. And gosh darn he is clever.

The letter that changed my future.

A HUGE MISTAKE and other Yahoo Answers
If you're feeling a trolling mood, Yahoo Answers is the best place to relieve that.

Corn Mazes Are Terrifying: Confessions from a Die Hard
I used to feel this pressure to love everything about fall because #LEAVES #NOTSODEATHLYHOT and #MORELEAVES but then I came to accept that I actually sort of hate corn mazes.

Although blog commenting is a thing most of us young people don't do so much, I want to know the highlight of your 2016 year. Share below if you have the courage ;)


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