Anniversary Traditions: The Lifeline Book and A Year's Worth of Love Notes

Taylor and I have a couple traditions that we enjoy every wedding anniversary. They are not typical traditions, as far as I know. Events like a nice dinner or an overnighter at a hotel are not often in the cards. Our anniversary is right in between Thanksgiving, Taylor's birthday, finals, and all the Christmas hoopla. To put it simply, we are just too tired to do anything off-the-wall fancy.

But this is really fun.

The night, whether at a restaurant or at the kitchen table, starts with the next book in this series. 

This little book is exactly as the title says: Reasons why I'm glad I married him.  Each book is a collection of little moments or things I notice about him as the year goes by in our marriage. (I store those little moments / things in a google doc and update it through the year. Usually I forget about it from the months February - October.) 

This tradition began on our wedding day, except printing that little book was forgotten in the billion things there is to plan a wedding. Instead, I printed off slips of paper and gave it to him instead. Naturally, he got those slips of paper a couple months after the wedding. We struggle.

We reminisce as we read through the book. Taylor fawns over my wifey goodness. Then, we open up our Adventure Quest.

Don't allow painfully cliche book title throw you off. This is actually really cool.

The Adventure Quest is a fat, blank journal we got from Walmart during our honeymoon. (Did I just admit we honeymooned at Walmart? Never mind you. Pay attention to the story.) The original idea behind it was to make a bucket list as a couple and do them all cutesy like. All the romantic phrases were probably said as we purchased our book. Today, it's evolved into something better than just a bucket list.

Our cheese record to date is around 50 cheeses.

This is the "Lifeline" section of the book, in which we plan out the rest of our lives. This is my favorite part.

The lifelines work by each partner facing each other, taking up one side of the book. Each draws a long line and mark the current year up until there isn't space left on the page. Predictions are kept secret until each person is finished.

It is blurred, for some privacy. But I can tell you that Taylor and I get stuck planning once the years of being 50+. We can't imagine life past then. What more is to come?

Out loud we always say we'll have 3 kids, but on the lifeline we always make room for about 4 more. 
(?!) Hmm... #ohnomyuterus

After we compare each other's, we then compare to previous years. So far, each lifeline has drastically differed from the other. (There was a year we thought we'd move to North Carolina, ha!) These first few years have been pretty insane and ever changing and ever unstable. Unstable enough that my dad worries for the impending social doom that will inevitably be our children's lives but that's neither here nor there. Rumor has it that the 30's are calmer. Fingers crossed.

We also have a little year in review about the highs and lows of the year. The only, and I mean only convenience of having a December wedding is that it's close to the new year, and thus easy to keep track of yearly progress.

 Arrow just might be old enough next year to add her input in the life line process. It will be interesting to see when she thinks she'll marry or what career she thinks she'll have. That's what preschoolers think about, right? 

The fate of this book's content is unknown, but when Taylor and I are good and dead, we will eventually pass this book to our children. For the sake of heritage. Or something like that. 

Dear Future Children,
If you wish to inherit these books, you will need to pamper your mother with Olvatine, grandchildren, and the nicest nursing home money can buy. 

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