November, December, and January Footprints

When the blog underwent its makeover, I took a long, accidental, break from the monthly little things posts. Now renamed to the Monthly Footprints post, I'm sharing the honorable mentions of the month passing, more for my sake than for the readers.  This particular post will have photos from the past few months. The Lifeline Anniversary Book has motivated to get back on track with these. We as a family enjoy reading them. If you're so inclined to scroll through, then please do :)

My first baby was a tiny little thing. Until my son was born, I didn't realize I could have fat little dudes. But here we are.

At his two month mark, he was weighing in at the same numbers as his six month old cousin. Love you, Chunky.

In my church, we don't baptize our babies. (We believe that they've got a first class ticket to heaven if they pass away so young, so baptism is held off until they're around 8.) We do, however, give them a special blessing that declares their name and some other cool things. I love baby blessings.


Some family joined us after church to hang out, including my adopted family.

Love notes between Taylor and I

Is it an ugly snowman? Or is it an adorably fat robot? YOU DECIDE!

The first day I felt like a normal human baby delivery. I took a picture.

 Aw yis look at my fine showered self and not my messy room

Taylor always gets the best bedhead

I work part time away from home. I have this bad habit of spending all my energy whenever I have even an ounce to spare. Because of that, I chose to go back to work too early and have since been slowly recovering from the tiredness and stress working with a tiny newborn at home. I'll remember this the next time around. No pic for that. Just remembering.

Family date. We look so young and it was only a month ago.

I was left to my own devices at a motion picture studio. During my time there, I tried very hard to be a good girl and mind my manners like my mother taught me, and be as inconspicuous as possible as I photographed every piece of dust and Diet Coke can. Likely, no one would have cared what I was doing, but I didn't know how to respond if someone approached me about it. Honestly, I was in full nerd-out mode and politely hyperventilating being on the big boy set.


Taylor's work had a Christmas party at The Leonardo in SLC. The party was fine (although you could tell who the Mormons were. They were the only table that was drinking root beer when everyone was sipping wine.) but we were most excited about the flight equipment. Dear 2016. You asked for Jet Packs.  I give you the Williams Rocket Belt, circa 1960.

It's a legitimate jetpack that runs about 20 minutes in the air. Taylor and I had a riveting discussion about what it'd be like if jetpacks were regular consumer items. By "riveting" I mean avidly debating air traffic control and routes on our drive home like we have any idea what that would actually be like.

A rare day for all my sisters and parents to be in the same room. I don't remember why there were here but I'm glad I got a picture of it.

My phone reached it's annual appointment of breaking again.. Then Arrow chucked it twice on hardwood floor. In an attempt to get it away from destructive hands, I took it away. Naturally, it slipped from my hands and returned to die on the hard floor. The irony did not escape me.

This is how we tracked my med intake & baby bowel movements.

 This master criminal got into my makeup

 She wasn't even sorry.

My sister Kaye LOADED us up with Peanut Butter Chocolate glory.

She is a fine woman.

Taylor and I celebrated our anniversary with our Lifeline Book

Arrow is only ever obsessed with the things we can't stand. Like Frosty the Snowman.

Hanging with my pops and my sister. Why are they so pretty?

Speaking of Kylee, she graduated early from high school. You can bet 100% that I went completely soccer mom on her and photographed every minute of her picking up the diploma.

Now she bums around at home doing this

My mom and sister came to my rescue, just moments after Kylee's car crash

Finally this indecipherable sweatshirt.

And so ended the winter of madness. Phew. That was a lot. Comment if you read this far along. Or nah. W/E.

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