Tiny Fat

Is this a mommy blog post?
No. This isn't a mommy blog.
But we can't not talk about this.

This is "Tiny Fat". That's what we call this little dude around here (amongst other names like "Chunkster", "Tweet Heart", and "Perfection").

He is called Tiny Fat, for he has mastered the incredible ability to be both tiny and fat, all in the same breath. I've asked him what his secret is, but he responds only with a big, gummy smile.

Archer, (that is his blog pseudonym), has introduced us naive parents to the world of what sick babies look like. And what they sound like. And what they smell like. 

Archer was born struggling to breathe like a normal baby. His oxygen levels are stellar, but he choked like cray in his sleep when he first came home. Only a few months later, he still struggles with the shuddering choke noises when he eats and sleep, and to combo that with bronchiolitis was something awful.

But let's highlight the things Tiny Fat Archer can do superbly, like grab toys with his left hand and smile real big.

And rock this haircut.

You're my fave, big guy.

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