Customer Service Part II: The Callback

I called back the company. And although this company surely has more than a handful of agents under their belt, I got the very same one. THE VERY SAME. We had yet another intriguing conversation. Were there useless line repeats? Absolutely. Singing? Well, it what's a personal brand without a jingle? Is this a verbatim transcript? 98% yes.

I'm still not sure if the agent was pranking me or not.

Agent: Um hello there my name is mashhuurrjfdaklfja; who am I speaking with?

Chaun: Sweet Mercies.

Chaun: This is Chaun.

Agent: Hello Chaun what it is the itinerary number?

Chaun: *gives number*

Agent: OH! Chaunnn hi yes how can I help you?

Chaun: Well, I have a car rental insurance that wasn’t refunded

Agent: Well Chaun, I understand there’s a lot of  confusion about flights but I can’t help you so I will send you to a agent who can help you with your flight.

Chaun: No, no, it’s a car rental.

Agent: Oh, yes, I understand there's a lot of confusion I can help you with a car rental.

Chaun: Great, thanks.

Agent: To confirm it was to LOCATION?

Chaun: Yes

Agent: thank you for that information please hold for 3 minutes

*returns 1 minute later*

Agent: Thankyouforyourpatience. Can you pick up this reservation?

Chaun: Can I pick up this reservation right now? 

Agent: Yes. Can you pick up today?

Chaun: The one from three weeks ago?

Agent: Oh. Um. Just a moment.

Chaun: *Hears voice in background. realizes that someone is giving her lines to say.*

Agent: Thankyouforyourpatience. Hello, Chaun. You are calling about the insurance, correct?

Chaun: I think you were the one I talked to before about this. My flight was cancelled so I couldn’t be at that airport.  And the insurance was accidentally not refunded the first time. I’m calling to get that, the insurance, refunded.

Agent: Okay, this is how much the insurance costs. *gives number*

Chaun: Yes. I know.

Then began the singing.

Agent: Um, okay, well Chaun I can definitely refund that for you! Is that ggreeAATTT?? 

Chaun: *uncomfortable laugh* Are you teasing me right now?

Agent: Um. Just a moment.

Chaun: *nothing*

Agent: Um, hello there Chaun. Thankyouforyourpatience in waiting. Yes I can see that you purchased insurance on the car rental. I can refund this for you.

Chaun: *surprised* Okay, awesome!

Agent: *repeats herself* Um, hello there Chaun. Let me process that refund for you.

Chaun: Okay thank you, I appreciate that!

Agent: Thank you. Please hold on the line for 3 - 5 minutes while I process that refund for you.

*returns many minutes later*

Agent: Um, hello there Chaun. I was able to process the refund. Rest assured you will receive your refund within 5 days. That means that the timing is in 5 days when it will process. An email will be sent and make sure you receive that - bytheway have you downloaded our app?

Chaun: No, I haven't yet.

Agent: Ooooh because if you do you you can cancel or make trips! I can text you the link!

Chaun: Oh cool. I'll just get it on the app store, thanks.

Agent: No. Give me your number and let me text you.

Chaun: No. 

Agent: Oh, okay I understand. Um, uh, will you talk to my supervisor he is standing right here.

Chaun: Oh dear.

The supervisor was the one giving her the lines in the background. Still not sure what to think of that.

All in all, a happy ending for the bank account.

What's your best experience in customer service?!

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