Does customer service ever prank their clients?

I received the 11th incorrectly billed receipt in the mail this year. It's only March, friends. 

(Also did you know that insurances make mistakes?! I’ve called in what feels like a billion times and have literally saved my family thousands of dollars because of a typo on my insurance ID number. Before paying the bill, make sure that invoice is correct!)

When I received this bill, I noticed a mistake, and made the obligatory call. Usually, customer service reps are really chill to work with. But as this agent and I talked, I thought for a hot minute there that I was being pranked. Everything from calling me the wrong name to singing in response was included. Halfway through I started writing down a nearly verbatim transcript.

This was our conversation.

Everyone deserves second chances, so the company name has been withheld. :)

Agent: Hello, who am I speaking with?

Chaun: My name is Chaun.

Agent: Hi Shadfunterklfy. You are calling COMPANY, correct?

Chaun: Um. Yes. I am calling this company.

Agent: Allll right what is the itinerary number?

Chaun: *gives number*

Agent: Thankyouforyourpatience. Please Taylor explain the problem

Chaun: My name is Chaun. But, uh, my flight cancelled, so I cancelled my 2 car rentals including the insurances. However, 1 of the 2 insurances were still charged. Can I get that refunded?

Agent: Okay, so I hear you mention a flight, that is correct?

Chaun: Um... yes?

Agent: Okay. Do you want a refund on your flight? Is that what you wanna to talk about?

Chaun: Wha? No. I rented a car. I didn’t purchase a flight through this company... This is all on the itinerary.

Agent: *Pause.* Okay thankkyouforyourpatience. Taylor I hear you mention a car rental. Is that correct?

Chaun: Yes.

Agent: Okay Taylor. What is the problem with the car rental?

Chaun: I had it cancelled, but the insurance was still charged.

Agent: Oh, I see here the insurance was still charged.

Chaun: …Yes. That should have been refunded with the other claim.

Agent: Yes, okay, let me pull that up. It will take 2-3 minutes.

Chaun: Thanks.

After 15 seconds of silence, the agent got back on the line and I kid you not, the agent sang this next part to me.

Agent: You’re welcome!!!

Chaun: What??

Agent: Thankyouforyourpatience. You mentioned you did not use this car right?

Chaun: Yes. It was cancelled.

Agent: Okay and you are checking on the insurance for the car rental?

Chaun: Yes. The insurance was cancelled.

Agent: Okay that will take 1 minute as I look into that

Chaun: That’s fi-

Agent: -Thankyouforyourpatience. I checked and I’m very sorry but I cannot help you. You should have called within 10 days and I could have refunded you but it is too late.

Chaun: *surprised* Sorry? 

Agent: I cannot help you I am sorry.

Chaun: *Feeling a little annoyed but mama taught me to always be kind* “I know you’re just doing your job. I’m not mad- 

Agent: -Thankyouverymuch-

Chaun: -but I don’t understand. The company wrongly charged me for a car I never picked up. I cancelled before the pick up time. The other car was refunded correctly. This is a mistake on the company’s part.

Agent: I am sorry Taylor I cannot help you.

At this point, I was really feeling like homegirl wasn't connecting dots, so I asked for someone else.

Chaun: *deep breath* I understand you’re doing your job. This isn’t your fault. But I would like to talk to a supervisor. This was a company mistake that I’m literally paying for. 

Agent: Yes, but you have to cancel within the 10 days. I am very sorry.

Chaun: I did cancel. I cancelled right before pickup, as soon as I heard my flight was cancelled. Who can I talk to about this?

Agent: Uhhhhh well Taylor I’m very sorry I cannot help you you should have called within 10 days but you can call this number back.

Chaun: Your number? You mean to call you back?

Agent: Yes!

Chaun: Then I'll call you back then.

Agent: Okay Taylor thank you very much for your business and patience you are important to us and we are grateful for your business and have a nice day byyeeeee!!

The agent doesn’t actually disconnect the call. I think it’s rule for them not to hang up on a customer, but she did leave me hanging in silence until I hung up.

How far do you think it’s worth it to get your money back? TELL ME YOUR STORIES I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING.

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