February Footprints

I'm torn between keeping up with these monthly posts or going for a weekly update instead. If that's the new route taken, then it's a 4-for-1 kind of deal plus free shipping! on your reading list. But that also requires extra work and our subtitle family motto isn't "Long Term Laziness" for nothing.

We'll stick with this for now. (But if that package deal of blog posts does happen, then I think it'd be cool to also supply you with some interesting links from around the world wide wonder. Sort of like THIS POST. Hmmmmmm? What do you think?)

Boom. Let's do Gebruary.

This month started out with the chapped lips of horror. I won't even show you a picture.

Arrow got in the habit of sucking on her blanket, which dried out her lips like none other. Living in the land of winter desert was even worse. They turned black and blistered. In the mess of blisters, Arrow's face broke out in little red zits, which were a result of a bacteria infections in her lip's broken skin. 

Her blanket made a home on the washing machine for a couple weeks
Throughout her first major mortal trial, Arrow did surprisingly well to give up her blankie, and accepted staying inside 24/7 to avoid the dry air. She did cry throughout the night from being in so much pain. It was so rough. With the help of antibiotics and a priesthood blessing, Arrow was healed within about a week. So grateful.

My sister and I took a trip to the east coast for the first time.

The post The Uncultured American will be posted here pretty soon :)

My grandma hosted a Valentine's Day party, and came up with the cleverest candy game. After we gathered in a circle, she held up large flash cards with a phrase that was a nickname for the candy. Each person took a turn guessing and receiving a candy bar. It took me until 1 AM that night to figure out that "A Dry Cow" was another name for Milk Duds.

I laughed so hard the baby woke up.

Arrow attended her very first party hosted by a little friend (well, her friend's mom).

My neighbor put so much good work in for the Valentine's party. The adorableness of six little toddlers frosting heart shaped cookies about did me in. 

Originally I had hoped President's Day would be a good opportunity to review some U.S. history (Results of the shame of visiting Washington D.C. and knowing so very little.) But instead we had a picnic on our living room floor and went book-shopping. And you know what? It was awesome.

We brought home The Giving Tree and read it for Family Home Evening. Such a darn good little book. 

There's an Emergency Preparedness expert in our neighborhood.  She hosts how-to meetings in our neighborhood, and they are so good, if not a little overwhelming. (Not because of my neighbor, but emergency prep in general just feels daunting.) Throughout the meeting I kept telling myself that even if I just buy an extra few cans of green beans for the pantry, I'm already helping my family be ready for food shortage.

Many of her ideas are just golden. For instance, on General Conference weekend (So 2 days every April and October) her family will eat through their individual 72 hour kits and replenish that same weekend. That means the kits are constantly updated. She also only stores food that they actually eat. To ready my family for emergencies, I've been keeping track of what we eat for every meal for two weeks, just to get an idea. Keeping this sheet is important, because I can't remember what happened more than 12 hours ago. #EternalPregnancyBrain #NotPregnantStillSuffering.

Valentine card making for FHE (Arrow had her very first party with other little toddlers the next day. I died from the adorableness of two years frosting their cookies.)

You Guys. I got to meet one of my favorite blogger comedians in the history of ever. This is Taylor & I at Strangerville Live.

I was so, so excited. And nervous, because I hate to fangirl but it just can't be helped in some cases. Especially when it comes to Eli McCann, Jolynn Metro, Meg Walter, and Whitney Call live on stage. Ugg. The tears of mirth were too legit that night.

Discovering new books at the library.

 Babe & I be chillin

 Mario Kart is a family affair.

This is how Archer sleeps.

 Let's get a closer look on that flexibility.


Our church attire one Sunday when we got stuck out of town. Also, Arrow flashed this winning smile when the camera came out.

 She is hilarious.

Everyone was having a bad day a couple weeks ago. Sometimes that means going out for the night.

I got back our first family photos. The session was meant for Archer's newborn shots, but our photographer got a lot of great group pictures because she is a gracious human being. These are some of my favorites.

I picked up a homeschool mag from the library and loved it. The magazine is part encouragement and part educational. My favorite section was a article on American artist Winslow Homer. I'm not typically a fan of watercolor work, but I do particularly enjoy this piece. I only wish it was painted in acrylic :) 

There we go. That's a hefty wrap for February.

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