Ghosts on Compy (& the Weekly Best)

Occasionally I work on audio files for my job. One particular file I pulled up was supposed to be a recording from a lovely lady recounting a personal experience. However, it was a Friday, so naturally NOPE NOTHING GUN WORK TODAY SON. Instead, the file played back the *literal* sounds of dead people beat boxing with the occasional groans and screams. 

After crying from fear about "vampire heathens" & being offended that poltergeists would hack my computer (although their performance was mildly impressive as they kept a steady rhythm) I called over an audio engineer, AKA a real professional, to sort out the mess. His response "This is so awesome! I have no idea what's going on." He tinkered a bit more, and left me to it. Before I had a proper chance to extortion out the beast, an IT tech happened to stop by to help me set up my printer.

It was tough explaining the holy water.

May your weekend be less haunted! (And maybe also less of one legged selfies)

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