When Taylor Buys Conference Treats (& the Weekly Best)

I've mentioned before that Taylor is a health nut.
And that Taylor gets sugar highs off bananas.
And that Taylor graduated college in exercise and sports science and studied healthiness.

I know all of these things. We, collectively together, know all of these things. And yet all that knowledge went out the window when my darling husband came waltzing in the door at 7 AM with groceries on his arm. With a huge, dazzling smile he proclaimed, "I splurged on treats for general conference!". I was shocked. Treats? By the hands of Taylor?! What madness! What glory! What sugar fantasies were we to feast on while gospel goodness filled our home??

Taylor, as proud as a boy with new treasures could ever be, brought the Walmart bag of promises to the counter. Just as he reached in to grab the undisclosed excitements, he hesitated, and looked at me with a sheepish look on his face. It was then when I began to sense that maybe these treats weren't quite what I was expecting.

Taylor: Well, to start, I got these! 

Taylor: And then... well... I got these because I was thinking that during conference we should eat healthy so that we'll feel good and then we'll be HAPPY!" 

Chaun: *Long pause* 
Chaun: My dear child. 

Homeboy was raised on the proper general conference diet of M&M's, Skittles, and other things deemed necessary sugars. Neither his mother or I can make heads nor tails where he got this.

And now, the best of the internet to ponder over this weekend.

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