Easter Meester

Easter started with this box of chocolates proclaimed "easy to SHARE!"


Let me be the parent of the year and tell you that the Easter Bunny does not shine around here. Take #1: the Easter baskets.

Take #2: Our kids don't know who the Easter Bunny is. Or who Santa is. I haven't yet overcome the distaste for lying to my children for the sake of an imaginary character who steals all my credit.

Plus she watched me buy plastic eggs anyway.

Take #3: Easter eggs this year were filled with flowers.

We are just so super fun parents like that.

Before someone implodes from the disaster that is my children's holiday, we did cave and give some candy of the OG Nerd's Rope variety.

 I heard it was delicious.

All the "Easter Bunny Magic" was done on Saturday, because we wanted to make Sunday a little more special. We had spent all of Holy Week preparing for this particular Sunday. When Sunday morning finally arrived, Taylor and I had the thought at the same time to play this song. I haven't heard a song that hasn't explained Easter quite like this.

Sunday's lessons at church made Christ feel so REAL to me. Two thoughts repeatedly surfaced. 

The first was how Taylor is my personal best representative of Christ to me. He is gentle, patient, and a really, really good listener. He is a safe person to approach and say whatever struggle is going on and he just listens, loves, and when necessary, guides. 

The second was that the Gospel is safe place to struggle. A struggle isn't so overpowering as being pinned to the wall, but is emotionally exhausting as a wrestle of feeling okay, and then not okay, and then feeling okay again. It's tiring. But, I feel comfortable wrestling with emotions, whether it be a matter on faith, doctrine, or secular businesses. No one can take Jesus away from me. No one can take His love away from me. With that love in hand, and knowing that God upbraideth not, then I feel good asking questions to Him.

To add another thought, I really loved a woman's talk on Sunday when she told me (well, the congregation, but I know she meant to speak to me ;) ) that no one can take Jesus away from me. That struck me particularly hard. I hadn't really considered otherwise, but the message bowled me over in a pleasant sort of way. My testimony, His love, His atonement, can't be taken away. 

Made me happy.

Finally, this video. I do not love the cover art. Don't let that dissuade you. It gets better. :)

Happy Easter season!


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