Forgotten on Vacation

I was fully dressed for hotel breakfast when on vacation. That goes against anything and everything I've ever been taught.

This next part probably doesn't even need explanation because this was taught alongside Mother Goose rhymes and the ABC's but just so no one feels left out, I will tell you the rules of vacation.

  1. The hotel is not a home away from home. You don't want to be home. Otherwise you wouldn't be on vacation. (As learned from Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories)
  2. If you're not sure if you should tip or not, then you probably should. Unless you have a tot leaping off the couch and you lose focus trying to keep said tot from disrupting neighbors below so you forget to make a decision about tipping the maintenance who came to fix the hotel's TV.
  3. Tip housekeeping extra, as a way to make up for your (maybe?) tipping mistake earlier.
  4. You must never be dressed for Hotel Breakfast. This is not the place to impress. This is the place to eat food you don't have at home. This is not home. (See: Vacation Rules #1)

It was my turn for the night feeding, so I made the obligatory stumble-out-of-bed-run-into-walls-help-me-sleep-deprived-who-is-this-man-next-to-me casual stroll to the bathroom to warm that baby's tummy with his milk.

And THIS is when I lost every ounce of dignity I've ever collected since I was 17 years old. (The last time I lost my dignity was licking the salt off the Salt Flats and it was DISGUSTING and oh my goodness how did I have friends?)

I stuck my hand under the running water to test the warmth. It was still chilly. I upped the ante. The water got warmer.

And so released the bladder.

You guys. I don't know why I have this problem of peeing my pants. This is an uncomfortably regular thing. When I'm pregnant I can be like "HAHAHA BABY AMIRITE" but I'm really out of excuses when the utes are baby-less. 

You know what I caught myself thumbing through last week? A magazine about diapers. FOR ADULTS. SENIOR ADULTS.

I am 100% certain that if it weren't for Taylor then I would still be single.

There was another rule broken on this vacation. I had also forgotten spare clothes including underwear. The sorry lack of clothing was discovered after a dip in the pool the night before. I had complained to Taylor about having to wear used underwear. 

Oh, such innocence.

Travel with me. It's probably fun.

But the rest of our 24 hour vaca was pretty great. The rest of this post is just a photo journal with some trip ideas if you're ever down in the Cedar City vicinity. 

Cedar City had to be conquered in a 24 hour period. Even with that timeframe, the goal was to chill and enjoy being a family. Archer is the epitome of content right here.

Vacation and Holy Week happened to coincide. Each day throughout the week, we had done a little something to celebrate Jesus a bit extra. Our dinner Thursday night was in Cedar City, so we hosted a kid-version of the Passover supper while telling the story of the Last Supper.

This picture is momentous because it's first time I've laid on a floor that isn't in my home. If you knew why my carpets were nasty, well, then you would also be excited for me. 

Archer receiving revelation mid-family photo

The next morning we bust out to OLD IRONTOWN RUINS (Free!)

It may look like one beast of a beehive, but it's actually an abandoned dome made for iron...making...creating... or whatever it's called.

Homeboy and I are total buds. We understand one another. This is his "But Ma. I wasn't meant for hiking" face. Same, pumpkin. 

Whenever I see a cactus, there's this strong urge to poke it. 

Archer still mad about the whole hiking thing.

The crumbled bricks at the chimney reminded me of Christ's empty tomb.

Lunch was a feast of kings.

We passed the Cedar City temple under construction. (Free)

 But it was naptime.

Then it was off to the largest park we've ever seen. PARK DISCOVERY (Free). These photographs only feature a third of the place.

Dinner was at this cute little diner called BRICKHOUSE CAFE. Let's just admire their meal setup.

 Tasted as good as it looked.


This site was pushing the limits of the small people. Books were becoming less interesting and children were tired of carseats. Still, I cried "Onward!" This was Mama's activity.

This sign (below) refers to the petroglyphs above. Wicked cool stuff, mate. 

This is two footprints on top of one another.

Looking back, I wish I had photographed Arrow whining "No! No more pictures Mama!" (referring to the petroglyph sites).

A final family selfie before making heading home.

Leaving behind Mordor and our family vacation with it.

There you have Cedar City in 24 hours with a majority of free activities.  If you have any favorite travel places, tell me below. We're looking to do another 24 stint. :)

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