March Footprints

These are the little things that weren't quite special enough for a blog post but make me feel bad forgetting. Mostly for my record than for reader interest. Feel free to plug along if that desire burns in you. :)

Since I'm finishing this post at the end of April, I have no idea what happened in March. Except my bracket lost. And also probably something happened. Probably. I can't remember. Were we even alive back then?

This is why I write these posts.

On to March!

Nice flowers to accompany me home from work.

For the first time in her life, Arrow asked me to do her hair. (Well, screech-demanded her request).

It had 5% to do with her like for pigtails, and 95% because she likes to play with the foam soap in the sink.

I may not be clever but I am no fool from opportunity. (Did that line make sense?) It's a battle and a half usually to get this girl's hair done. Many times she has been pinned (with love) by both her parents to brush out snarls and food dried in her hair. If Chica Bonita asks for a hair brushing, the by golly she can play with all the foam soap she wants.

The picture is missing, but I lost the brackets for both the men and women's teams :( Last year I didn't care who I put down and then I WON against my family. This is what I get for trying to believe in myself.

Arrow made some art for her bedroom

I have no idea where this goat picture came from but here's Arrow looking not-at-all-terrified of said goat and his beady eyes. She doesn't get that from me.

Women's Conference. Our men surprised us with personalized pizzas during the conference. It was sweet. (And, no, I don't think any of us thought to return the favor. Sorry boys. :) ) We took walk after women's conference and crowded the cousin babies in the stroller. (The men were here, just not photographed. They are seriously not getting love on this post.)

My sister-in-law and I attended the series release of RANDOM ACTS TV.

It was such a rad event. We loved the premiere of the first episode, and then participating in small acts of kindness right there at the event.

They gave each participant $5 to fund a random act of kindness. The Random Acts team, as way of suggestion, said to use $5 for ingredients to make cookies. That sounded like a swell idea.

Also, fun fact, shortbread cookies are the key to Taylor's anti-sugar heart. There is so much power in this.

Archer wants to love Arrow. Arrow wants Archer to stop trying. Daddy goes on pretending that life isn't as hard as it looks.

Hanging with some of my favorite people at an influencer's meetup the Easter campaign for the LDS church. There is no good reason that I'm holding this camera other than vanity points.

Playing Jenga on Cami's birthday. Cami will explode if she reads this because I told her I didn't take a picture of her. I did take a picture.

I love love LOVE this picture. I can't figure out who the artist is, but I want that toddler and that toddler tummy up on my wall.

Family visit to the church history museum downtown

I love simple photos that aren't obviously about Christ, but are obviously about Christ. Ya feel?

That's all I have written here. Good to know life happened in March. That's a wrap :)

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