This is what sleep deprivation does to you (Story & the Weekly Best)

I woke up a few nights ago and there was a MAN curled up right at my back, dead asleep.

I stiffened at the presence, but pretended that I was still asleep while my mind spun. Who was this? How did he get in here? There weren't much details to study in the dark, but from what I could tell, he didn't look like a savage killer. 

Eventually I remembered hearing about refugees who were looking for places to stay on the news. This relaxed me a little bit. He was probably a man who needed a bed to sleep for the night. There were probably more of these men out in the hallway. Then I was torn. I didn't want to kick the poor man out, but I was also incredibly uncomfortable to have him sleeping next to me.

I sat up and gently shook him awake. Sleepy eyes cracked open just a bit. 

Chaun: Could you move to the side of the bed, please?
Man: Oh, sure

He rolled onto his back, still in the center of the mattress.

Chaun: No, I mean to the farthest side as possible.
Man: *mumbling as he sleepily pushes off to the side* Okay. What for?
Chaun: Honestly, I'm just really uncomfortable that you're sleeping right next to me. That's not decent.

Those same sleepy eyes focused in my direction.
Man: Chaun?
I peered closer to his face, which was now familiar. I knew this man! Taylor!

That was another can of worms to go through. What on earth was my friend Taylor doing in my bed? I frantically searched for memories that held answers, but I couldn't remember if they were real.

Chaun: Um, Taylor?
Taylor: Mmm?
Chaun: Are we married?
Taylor: Huh?

That was a long, long minute of shocked silence. (Which Taylor had fallen back asleep during.)

Chaun: Am I asleep or am I dreaming?
Taylor: Huh? What?

Things would make better sense in the morning I decided. I settled back into soft blankets and let sleep overcome me. 

But first I made sure Taylor was as far off to the side as possible. You know. Just in case.

Now for the weekly best of the internet :)

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