An uncultured American dabbles in D.C.

My sister and I toured a university out in Virginia (Which up until the trip end, I had been spelling the state as "Virgina". Why is spelling so hard?) I spent 4 days surrounded by people who call me ma'am and sweetcheeks. If that's not living the high life, then I don't know what it is. 

There are lots of pictures that need to be shared.

I always hesitate to post stuff like "hey look what I'm doing!" so I try to be mindful when posting on the social media beasts. 

I'll just say now that 1. I love to travel and 2. Low expectations = many happy surprises.

It was a fairly last minute deal, but my sister Kylee chose to attend an open house for a college in Virginia. A friend of ours lived there and invited us to stay with her. (This particular friend of ours we have only ever seen on road trips... we've never actually hung out as regular people do.) Kylee wanted to go and I'm a regular travel junkie, so off we went.

Introducing my sister to the airport was like introducing my current bestie to an old bestie. I so wanted them, Kylee and Travel, to like each other and become acquainted and hang out frequently (but never without me).

We hardly slept, but made it to North Carolina, where we intended to pick up a rental car and drive 3 hours to Washington D.C., before returning back to Roanoke that night. Minutes before boarding, it was announced the flight had been canceled.

Some of you well seasoned travelers know not to panic or stress when that happens. I am not well seasoned. At least not then.

We spontaneously decided to fly straight to DC instead. I was over tired. I was stressed about the new car rental, which was much more expensive than the previous. I had done a lot of intricate planning for this trip because it's scary to be spontaneous in unfamiliar places. But as the plane landed, peace filled me to just relax, explore, and enjoy it all. 

I pumped breastmilk in bathrooms (this was a dirty one with a live concert playing directly on the other side of the wall.) I couldn't wait to nurse my baby at home because engorgement hurts and I missed him.

DC was a lot of what I expected it'd be and more.

People rushed far too much, but were usually nice when asked for assistance. 

Travelling the underground metro by "Crystal City", which if you ask me, sounds exactly like an underground dwelling inhabited by albino humans who fear the sun and eat bats for breakfast.

St. Patrick's cathedral. I love, love, love old buildings.

 There were many corner buildings like this. Different than home. Also old.

 Kylee was oh so cold :(

We hoped to see Trump covfefe-ing on the lawns, but this is as close as we got to the White House.

Even the D.C. airport is pretty. It's the prettiest one I've seen so far.

Casually posing by these flowers.

We picked up the expensive rental and made our way to Roanoke, Virginia. Many large bridges were passed.


 So much large.

This looks important and is probably famous but I have no idea what it is.

We didn't do anything of the things we'd planned to do, but did see way more than we'd intended. 

Except Shake Shack. Apparently it's the Bee's Knees.

I'm not a fan of greasy burgers but that's like demanding oranges without the stringy white things. 

Other things I loved about D.C.

It was super clean. Like coming from the eat-food-off-the sidewalks Utah and noticing how clean everything was. 

Everyone was nicely dressed, except for us in our hoodlum skinny dark wash jeans and hoodies. We felt ridiculously underdressed walking around downtown.

Kylee got really into jaywalking. It was a problem. Some streets gave you a full 90 seconds to cross a street the size of a gnome's bridge, but others that spanned well over a couple bus lengths only gave you about 20 seconds to make it or die being run over by taxis.

D.C. was quirky, didn't make sense, and we loved it.

And then it was off to Roanoke.

Part 2 of this ridiculously long post is coming on Friday :)

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