Disappointment has a name and it's called Google Autocorrect

I made a typo the other day. Usually I biff it over "restaurant" and "occasionally" but this was a new one. Google is my one man band of "spellcheck helperoo!" and swooped in to save the inevitable disaster that was a love letter to my honey.

Or so I thought.

Just look at this!

For the love of sunflowered biscuits!

Allie Brosh did not spend precious hours hand drawing sketches of the Alot Monster just so the internet could give up on proper English manners and settle for half baked spelling attempts.

Somewhere in the Bible it states that in the latter days, there would be some who would make the right to be wrong, and the wrong to be right. To be honest, this isn't exactly how I imagined that prophecy being fulfilled. Still feel disappointed either way.

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