I would probably suck as a vampire (Story & The Weekly Best)

The Story
Mkay, so you all remember that Scottish dude Corduroy from work?

Well, I haven't seen Corduroy in a millennia, give or take. We don't work together and I haven't seen him since I transferred to a different part of the building. 

My new desk has been what's referred to in hushed tones as the "Corner of Phoenix Forgotten and Hopeless Dreams" (backstory later). Basically, it's the darkest part of building, although the storage closets in the basement make for a pretty close second.

I work in video production and thus stare at a computer for way more hours than what should be considered legal. The ceilings lights above have been removed for unknown reasons, but some claim it's supposedly "better for the eyesight" anyway. Lies. The small, yellow lamp provided makes my head burn. When I first heard about the office transition, I complained about moving to a darker part of the building. I was rewarded with the darkest possible office corner. 

Thanks, America.

I spent a lot of time sitting in the rec area next to a window. That window and sunlight gave my soul the joy it lacked (and also the desperate need of Vitamin D) to continue working and thinking regular happy thoughts.

Many coworkers made comment of my choice place of work. I smiled and continued doing my thing. That couch + me = happy together.

Up until some time ago when I came into work and all the couches were missing. Not a single sitting space was available. None.

Clearly, there are forces working against me here.

On the bright side (literally, wink) I will be transferring offices once again to a very bright, cheerful, Teletubby marathoning, office space of sunshine and joy.

Guess who else will be around?

Hint: He has an accent.

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