Sometimes Chaun is a bagel sinner

My grandma was given a box of 4 Einsteins bagels, and kindly shared them. In fact, she told me to pick out whichever ones I wanted. I was like "heck yes" because there were cinnamon sugar bagels in there! I took the 2 cinnamon sugar and left behind 2 other bagels: a boring raisin and a sad wheat bagel.

As I packed up my new treasures and left the room, the Spirit very clearly said this to me, sort of as a gentle admonition. He said, "You know, a real lady shares her wealth."
Feeling properly chastised, but smiling at my own foolishness, I sneaked back into my grandma's kitchen and swapped out the bagels.

You and I share the goal to become a better person. We're both working to become our best self. Becoming that person comes through small and simple acts of choosing to act better. (And sometimes God has to step in and be like "Hey, be nice to your grandma" 😂) 

I am not yet the generous person that I aim to be, but through these small things, I think I'll get there. Whether it be in a few months or 10,000 years from now... it doesn't matter too much. I'll just work on being better today.

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