The Graduate Who Defied Them All

I just realized that all of these pictures look darker than the shady side of a 90% cocoa Ghiradelli bar but when Photoshop is shut down for the night, it is shut dooooowwwwn Chickies.

The reason for the pictures: my baby sister graduated from the High Schools this weekend. Actually, she graduated a semester early. Boss. But early or nay, you guys, graduation was not an easy thing for her. 

Plum Button (for that's what we call each other, except her nickname for me is "Chaun") has some sort of insane mental problem going on. That little problem messes with her in two different ways. 1) It means she's smarter and funnier than the rest of us and 2) She also has some oddball, heart-dropping seizure problems. 

Those health problems are what took her out of various schools (it's hard to attend school when you're flipside dying or fine but suddenly unable to read.) For a while there, she felt a very real fear that she wouldn't be be able to graduate high school.

But my girl is fierce.

She worked stupidly hard and found a great place to graduate amongst other kids faced roadblocks of their own. Some were leaving that ceremony as parents, some recovering from addictions, and some were making a new life post-juvie. By far, this was one of the best graduation ceremonies that I've attended. There was so much feisty determination, pride, and best of all: hope that life could be claimed as their own again.

Baby girl Kylee is a world changer and life influencer.  She wrote up this great little blog called More Than A Sickness that gives some validation to anyone who has faced stumbling blocks in their path. Oddly enough, everyone can relate to that. 

I also loved that the graduation quote was by Conan O'Brien

"Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen"

Some other photos from her big day:

 You're a star, Plum Button.


  1. I'm glad I came upon your blog via fb. I've missed you, Chaun! And go Kylee! I always wish the best for you beautiful McKeeth girls.

    1. Thank you so much Melody! We sure love you <3


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