April Footprints

These are the monthly "little things" that deserved honorable mentions in the family records. :)

Homeboy bounces himself to sleep and it's perfect. Gah. His chubby cheeks. They kill me.

Taylor's coworker brought us donuts and Arrow a big bird cookie.

This is the terrifying remains of the cookie.

Our favorite Canadian came in town to visit

We love our Cassi girl.

Taylor and the kids went out with my sister for frozen yogurt. I love having a job, but I don't love not getting Froyo on the fly. (But I also really like my family bonding without me there to initiate conversation. I like it when we're all friends.)

Prep to balance job and school assignments for an upcoming family vacation (written HERE).

I heard raving reviews from this blogger about cookies in a mug and gave it a try on a day I desperately needed sugar.


The universe was clearly disappointed in my health decisions, so the next morning I woke up to this video on my feed:

I love love loved these two books.

So much so that I contacted the author to send her a personal letter. I recommend it, especially to married couples.

Our family took off for our first vacation together. Tips for a mostly free 24 hour vaca in Cedar City are included in this post. Also, I peed my pants.

The Easter Bunny was excluded from our home

I don't always work on set, but when I do, it's taping wall blemishes.

I love my job.

April must have been the month of domestic intervention, because I really got into this book.

Suddenly my fridge, counters, and bedroom are much cleaner than usual. So strange.

Visited my sister at work. She makes the best pizzas.

These water droplets made the plants look so adorable.

The hospital where Archer was birthed invited me back. Not to pop out another baby, but for a tea and fairy-making garden party instead. I know. I'm just as surprised as you are.

Finally, the happiest old man baby there ever was :)

Do you keep a family record? If so, post your links in the comments :)

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