May footprints 2017

Arrow had a playdate with her aunts at the zoo. Here are those babes that I claim as my own.

Arrow at the zoo. She was sure to come home and tell me "I saw elephant. And Hannah said NO! Stop right now. I didn' wanna ride in da strolla." Hannah had some explaining to do.

My other sister is in a funny mood lately where she doesn't like me taking pictures of her. TOO BAD SO SAD CAM CAM. I sneak in her hair buns on the daily. (On this particular day, she came over to clean our house, dance with the kids, and then buy us pizza. I can't figure out what we did to deserve such a nice sister. )

I came home from work to a massive box fort. Taylor is a fun parent.

We've been getting into a swing of visiting the library more regularly. I am an avid book worm and it pleases me to no end that my toddler loves books as much as I do.

Childhood fears are no match to parenthood fears: look at this beast of a snarl.

This man was the last boy in my family born on my Dad's side... until 37 years and 364 days later when Archer was born.

Yep, their birthdays are only a day apart. The OCD in me that their birthdays didn't come full circle almost makes me implode. 

There were approx. 295 selfies like this on my phone

opened up about my 2017 motto.

Taylor, my sis in law, and I surprised my sister for her birthday party by arriving to a campsite and setting up for her party. (The surprise was just doing the hard work for her so she could focus on having fun. It wasn't all that big of a deal :) ) Taylor and I were awful, horrible parents to Arrow by dragging her away screaming from the rushing nearby river. Luckily, she found solace and enjoyment in adding little twigs to the cold fire pit.

My sweet cousin performed in "Sense & Sensibility". I didn't know much about the book (and didn't even know it was a play?) but she rocked it.

One of my favorite things about Taylor is his dedication to hobbies. He doesn't spread himself thin and doesn't let the hobbies take away from his protected roles. Slowly and steady he finds time to spend working on his side projects. This photo, [however blurry it is], represents the first group attempt at a clever card game he's been designing since last Thanksgiving.

I love to see people chasing their dreams. Grand will be the day when his card game is printed.

Did you know that Charles Darwin originally considered ministry for his profession?

This biography is written on his marriage to Emma and their life together. Emma was devoutly religious, and the pair had so many interesting discussions as they debated their beliefs. They had 10 children, lost 3, and worked hard to keep each other their "number 1", refusing to let religious beliefs divide them.

Another reader described the book as a little presumptive at times, and I agree. However, it opened my mind to what life was like in London of the late 1800's. (Another random thing that stood out to me was how educated [high class] women were... I had mistakenly assumed they were excluded from education. Anyone in a high class, however, was educated pretty decently. Emma could certainly hold her own from scientific standpoints when debating with Charles, and she [and their family] often helped him with his experiments.)

It's a good book. Go ye therefore and read.

We've been in the process of easing out of newlywed furniture and figuring out our style.

We feel that spending money is equivalent to eating bark, so we were super picky about spending with the future in mind. I've wanted a nightstand since I was 16 years old, but I didn't want to buy anything for the sake of buying space occupiers.

I had in mind that we could cut and bolt together our own nightstands, but there wasn't ever enough time to commit to such a project.  On a whim trip to IKEA one fine day, we happened to find night tables on sale that nicely fit the style of our room. So home they came.

It was a fun date night.

Voila. New nightstands. Also, I'm admiring that clean carpet there. Wow. That is so clean. I am so proud that we have that on photo.

Good month. Almost makes me forget the tantrums, the moldy food in the fridge, and other real life tidbits. Almost. :)

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