You guys. I love Yahoo Answers. 

I posted a bunch of questions months ago and completely forgot about them, until I was sitting bored at home tonight. To my delight, many responses were awaiting me.


HELP! I'm locked in the garage! 
can't find the button to get out and I don't have anybody but my neighbor's cat for company please help

There were so many answers to this, but these are my favorite.

  1. give me ur adress. i will break into ur home like santa claus and shout "hoe hoe ho "this would my signal ok ~anonymous
  2. There is a manual button or cord above all garage doors. Dont be dramatic ~K
  3. Resign yourself to your fate... You're going to be stuck in a lot of things in your life. ~Lazey W
  4. 1. Find the button labeled "Troll Release" 2. Push it. ~Warren
  5. Lay down on the floor. After you fall asleep the cat may bite you on the neck. If you bleed out, you will no longer be a burden on society. ~Anonymous
Best pancake recipe for cats?
  When my grandma was younger she used to have 25 cats and would make them pancakes every Sunday. I never got the recipe though. What do you recommend?


  1. It's not going to be the cheapest, but I use Aunt Jemima Complete and Krusteaz makes one too. You just add water........ I use it because I can make 6 pancakes for the two of us and the standard old fashioned recipe makes 20
  2. My cat prefers bacon to pancakes. No recipe required. Problem solved. Next?
Out of zucchini for zucchini bread?
I want to make my grandma's zucchini bread but I don't have zucchini. Is there a good replacement?


  1. If you don't have zucchini it isn't zucchini bread is it?  I wanted to make apple pie but I didn't have any apples. If I use cherries it isn't apple pie. ~Stephen
  2. Garlic Dill Pickles are the same thing ~Gary
  3. Just use cheese ~Happier 8
  4. No. ~Hello Kitty

How long does it take the sun to heat up a pot of water?
My water heater is out for the next ten or maybe 15 days. The plumber man said he'd be around sooner than that, but he had shifty eyes SO I'm PRETTY sure that he's not going to come "tomorrow or the day after". Anyway, I've set ALL my pots out on the windowsill to warm up for a hot bath but it's been about 30 minutes and they're not hot enough. How long will it take? The water should be hot enough to steam my pores.
  1. Put that water on the stove and heat it up. ~Roberts
  2. Heat the water in a pan on the stove. ~Emma
  3. Depends on the energy the pots are getting through the window, what the pots are made of, surface area of the water, ambient temperatures, etc. If you want to heat up water fairly quickly, you need to use either a solar stove, or move the water to a covered black plastic container. ~Re Vera 
Thank you Re Vera for being the only person who was actually concerned.

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