Strangers in Roanoke

The Thing About Traveling
I see pictures on the Facebooks and Instas of people traveling. People trying new foods. People doing cool things. I scroll through each photo and heart each one delightedly. (Except the boring ones. Boo on you who post two almost alike pictures and take unwholesome advantage of my inability to ignore travel photos. )

Then I close the laptop or phone or whatever and walk away.

And think about those pictures. And think of new things and new experiences and new cultures. Next thing I know I'm drafting a new "possiblities itinierary" on google docs and counting how many dollars I need to earn.

Travel is an addiction I tell you.

Traveling with me sounds fun, because when I say I travel like the people of the land, uncultured friends usually go wild and are like "That's the BEST way! Then you know what it's really like to live there! Take me with you!" These people don't yet realize that traveling like the people of the land means buying groceries instead of eating out and taking public transit. I do it for the culture.

Also, I'm cheap.

Take heed that taking busses and trains and sleeping on people's couches isn't always fun, but it is necessary to get to the fun.

Sidenote: I have a guestroom just to pay it forward to those who have lent many a couch or bed for my family.

Now, to the continuation of the D.C. / Roanoke trip I took with my sister. (Part 1 here)

After we leaving the Land of So Many Bridges, we parked that expensive rental and walked straight into the the college's American Idol night. It was wild. It was loud. It was incredible.

Then a new friend invited us to a bonfire that started somewhere around 11:30 PM.

I missed those spontaneous never-sleeping college days. :)

The next morning was touring the school and doing everything in my power to embarrass my sister as her soccer-mom-sister.

We also watched the finale of their student American Idol performances. SO GOOD. Even this Elvis performer was the best I've seen. (Which, to be fair, my number of Elvis performance viewing is fairly low, but I did spend many years with Grim Gram Grandma listening to Elvis on tape on the way home from school. Little Sister, anyone?)

Sunday was a pleasant day of church and a little senior photo shoot (The final edits of these are on a hard drive, and laziness isn't my personal motto without reason, so enjoy these raw photos)

{I felt like my game was a little off in Virginia, so we did a recap shoot back in Utah. This one featured my other graduating sister in law :)}

The college was life was so fun and busy and never sleeping. I loved it. But I also missed real life and my family. Here was Skyping with my little loves. Only a third of those people are actually happy to see me.

Back at home, my teenage sister in law was babysitting my husband.

Hymns On the Hill

Sunday evening was spent with more strangers and more singing. This is the only picture from one of my favorite moments from the trip. A group of us gathered on a hill on campus and sang hymns. Standing with strangers, singing our hearts out, reaching out to the same God who loves us is something special.

Something I hope I never forget.

Hymns on the Hills ended, and it was time for card games. With more strangers.

I don't know these people. But I loved them.

Monday afternoon came, and then it was time for home.

A friend we met in Virginia took the same flight home. Love you Chrystal. :)

I loved it. I loved even having time to myself to write this blog post halfway in the middle of the trip. (Oh, you thought I waited until home to write this? Ha! No. I have children. I wrote in post-tense on purpose.)

Til we meet again D.C.

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