You guys! It's my birthday!

Can this be okay? Is this okay to admit?

I freaking LOVE birthdays. Both my own and others'.

Maybe it's because people don't like getting older or maybe it's because society trained us to be this way hashtag conspiracy but it's never made sense to me to not get excited about a day that celebrates your existence. I think I got this from my mom who's a big celebration party package wrapped up in a single human being. She makes holidays so fun.

Some people are no-fuss-no-muss kind of deal, and I get that... in theory. In real life I'll still figure out how to celebrate their birthday anyway. :)

This year was a little different turning older, because I feel officially a part of the adult crowd but without the perks like full time job benefits.

Thank you to my loves who gave me such a great day.

My mom and I actually have birthdays 2 days apart from each other together. We got our toesies painted with my grandma.

Tucanos offers a free meal during your birthday month (you're welcome for the tip), so Taylor and I gave that a try for a date night. We celebrated and acknowledged this was the last "nice" date we'll be on for the rest of the year ;)

The actual birthday day was super chill. One of the best parts was sitting in bed reading a book for a couple hours in silence while the rest of the house took naps. Taylor and Arrow took off for a daddy daughter party at our church, so I took advantage of that + Archer's nap time to scrub out our nasty bathtub. 

If that doesn't scream an adult's birthday party, then I don't know what else would.

My sister Kylee rescued me from getting too excited from inhaling bleach fumes and took me out for a special surprise. She (and my other sister) surprised me with a new clothes, and then took me out on a photoshoot. Kylee knows that I don't get in front of the camera very much, and that I'm an odd soul who wants to be photographed more often. 

I don't want to get forgotten in the family journals, either. :)

She made me feel like a lovely princess.

After our photoshoot, I came home to presents from my little family, including this movie I saw and loved years ago.

Taylor and I stayed up late watching it, meaning I was an absolute bear the next morning But! It was still a great movie.

Sunday night, my family and I met up for my yearly birthday tradition of a campfire. Every single campsite up in Cottonwood canyon was booked. I couldn't figure out why. Who else in Utah on a lovely Sunday evening want to be making smores? 

Those poopheads.

So we retreated to my parents' home for the campfire making.

If you've felt that life lately has been high and dry, then I mighty suggest you try a s'more with a strawberry.

Thanks you guys who made it such a good day. I hope I can do the same for you. :)

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