A grandfather to spare (Escape Room discount!)

A while ago, I put out a reader's survey asking about the content you people read on this blog. One of the questions was about doing sponsored and giveaway posts. All the responses gave the green light. That was cool news, because I've been wanting to shout out rad local businesses. 

I paired up with Escapes in Time (one of those escape room companies) to bring you this story + discount code. As always though, this blog is written with humor and you guys in mind. Let me know if this is something you guys want to see more or less of!

Trying out an escape room made me sort of nervous. I am not a clever person. My place in your circle of friendship is to be the one who remembers your birthday but never sends gifts. The thought of an escape room was exotic and scary and all too much like that one time I asked out the guy at Sbarro's pizza downtown with a witty pick up line and he in turn embarrassed me in front of my friends.

I didn't want to go through that again.

But then.

Escapes in Time: Well you might end up finding up a long lost grandpa in the attic. OR WILL YOU?!

Chaun: I am so there.

You can really never have too many spare grandpas, IMHO.

I half expected Taylor and my smart friends to do all the work while I was in the back looking for my long lost grandfather (Grandpa? GRANDPA?!), but to my pleasant surprise, the challenges varied in difficulty and played off varying strengths. 

For instance, our friend Celest was quick with numbers and combinations. This was important, especially after I botched the sole mathematical problem they gave us.

Randy, friend number dos, ignored my vehement protests that we'd found the original copy of The Ring to discover animal sounds instead. <- SPOILER?! 

Taylor has an eye for miniature detail, (It's amazing how having babies have changed him) and found a puzzle piece that was almost completely out of sight. 

Numbers and psuedo ghost calls aren't so much my thing, but I am quick to memorize where people and things are positioned in a room, thanks to my years of banking and surviving three separate armed robberies. I'm just saying, I was the only teller who identified the third robber as falsely impersonating the first robber. No one believed me until the Sheriff said so. The SHERIFF!

True story.

Where was I?

Oh yes. Even your not-so-clever-but-criminally-masterminded-friend-Chaun was important to the game, and was a wicked beast at picking locks, also thanks to my years of banking.

Originally, this post was going to feature a verbatim conversation, but then I realized that gave away pretty much the solved mystery of searching for long lost granddaddy. AND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT CHEWBACCA OR TIMMY'S 9TH BIRTHDAY YET.

I really do like this company over some others I've researched. For one thing, they're not out to fail the customers. (Some SLC companies have numbers like "20% completion rate!") Some buyers may prefer more of a challenge like that, but heck if I'm paying the money, then I want to see it through. This is not the guy at Sbarro's who will put you down for trying. They want you to succeed! 

Also the workers were really nice and much funnier than I could ever attain to be. For the best experience, try to get Gamemaster Cody if possible, because he was the cherry drizzled in chocolate on top of the entire game. 

Also #3: they sent us discount codes. AND ONE ENDS TONIGHT I'M SORRY.

Escapes in Time DISCOUNT CODES:

Buy before midnight (July 27th) for half off your order! ( I just noticed tonight was the deadline...) Use discount code: VIP

if you miss the deadline on that, no worries brah. We have a 22-footprints-blog-only code to buy 3 get one 1. (25% off your order of 4) Use discount code: DATENIGHT


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